Oh my. I am still pinching myself over the month I've had. Four weeks in Spain soaking up the culture, history, art, food, wine and of ...

Oh my. I am still pinching myself over the month I've had.
Four weeks in Spain soaking up the culture, history, art, food, wine and of course, glorious sun-drenched spring weather.

www.katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || an autumn evening in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain

We started in Madrid, then traveled east to Valencia, south to Granada, north to San Sebastian and exited via Barcelona. Everywhere we went those big blue skies went on forever and we were told how lucky we were to be enjoying clear, dry days and a warmer than usual spring.


I WENT TO... Spain. For a month. I know! Yup. Still pinching myself. I am terrible at doing at Instagram Stories, but at the nudging of an always-travelling friend, I had a crack and most of the trip is recorded in my highlights, if you're curious.

I ATE... So much food. It was a holiday. I won't feel guilty about it. My partner and I both agreed we loved the food of Spain's Basque coast the best, and, in particular, a certain goats milk cheesecake with red currant jam we had in one of the smaller towns of that region. It was easily the best cheesecake I've ever eaten. Like. Ever.

I OP SHOPPED... In Spain? Of course. And I picked up a beautiful second-hand Flamenco scarf for a song. I did want to bring back one of these beauties, but I talked myself down from buying any (or all).

I MADE... No time for making, although I had considered packing a knitting project for bus and train trips. Instead I smashed in a lot of reading time.

I READ...  Mostly cheesy thrillers or who-dun-its. It's such a guilty pleasure when I am travelling. Even on a domestic trip, I'll treat myself to a new book from the airport's selection and rip through it. They're deliberately page-turners and I love them. I also love the travelling book-lover's code of leaving a finished book behind for someone else and taking a selection from what's on the shelf. I left behind The Book of Etta, the second book in Meg Elison's series that started with The Book of the Unnamed Midwife. I picked up Shari Lapena's The Couple Next Door, followed by A.J. Finn's The Woman in the Window. I am close to finishing Nora Robert's Year One and have returned to my post-travel read, Chloe Hooper's The Arsonist. The favourite of them all was The Arsonist. It is a beautifully penned and often harrowing reflection of a crime so repulsive to Australians, yet one we are so instinctively attuned to and fascinated by.

Hope the start to this new season has you well. I am already reveling in an autumn garden though it needs a good weed following the rain that fell while we were away.

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  1. OOOOHHHH Spain !! four weeks , how fabulous.... we are hoping to go next year and also Portugal, I will look out for the cheesecake :-)

  2. How wonderful Kate! Spain sounds fabulous.