I'VE DONE IT... MAY 2017

Cold nights and mornings have finally arrived and I am resigned to the fact that what I managed to get into the garden for autumn and winter...

Cold nights and mornings have finally arrived and I am resigned to the fact that what I managed to get into the garden for autumn and winter will have to do.

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Cabbages, broccoli and kale seedlings rescued from the throw-out pile at my local hardware store are doing well but I don't think I can ignore that a green manure crop really needs to go through my main veggie bed.

In another part of the garden, two large mature banksias have turned up their toes. One died between Christmas and New Year and the other browned off right before our eyes in a few days just this past week. Nothing else in the garden seems affected, but I have no idea what's caused it and why now. I am assuming its bacterial. Either way, while I ponder what's attacked the banksia (and nothing else) I have to try and find someone to remove them. I've phoned three tree removal specialists, two came and gave quotes for the first banksia and then never came back to do the job. I got sick of phoning and leaving messages. If you're handy with a chainsaw, give me a bell or leave me a message. I want to get these trees out by spring.


I WENT TO... Melbourne. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it work trip, doing client work under my own business flag of KiloMike and meeting my southern media team colleagues at Australian Red Cross. While in Melbourne I did manage to catch up with two dear friends - one about to birth her first bubba, the other with an adorable fur baby I got to play with for a couple of nights.

I ATE... My soon-to-be-a-Muma friend booked Fonda, in Flinders Lane, Melbourne for a delicious feed that was quick, tasty and allowed us to natter and catch up. Scrummy quesadillas and a pineapple, mint and ginger fruit mocktail I'd go back for in a flash.

Closer to home we ate at Osteria A Mano, a busy Italian restaurant in the heart of Wyong. Good hearty dishes and delectable, generously proportioned desserts.

I OP SHOPPED... I scored great DIY gardening and home design books from the 1960s, along with a couple of cook books from the same era. There was also a Weeda copper bowl and a pottery piece by Australian potter Andrew Halford, each a mere $2 but, as hand crafted pieces, appreciated so much more.

I MADE... I cast off the back of a 1970s cardigan I am knitting up from a thrifted stash of wool. That's something, right?

I READ... I am still listening to audio books, trying to catch up on a bunch of podcasts, reading through a stash of KnitWit, Slow and Taproot magazines and have the last chapters of Helen Garner's Everywhere I Look on my bedside table.

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