One minute life is puffing along quite nicely with routines in place and everything in order and then, BAM! You've put your hand up for ...

One minute life is puffing along quite nicely with routines in place and everything in order and then, BAM! You've put your hand up for a project here or to volunteer there and things get a little crazy. || making a soul bucket list

And even though things have got a little off track, I wouldn't have it any other way. The 'busy' traps we find ourselves in are just in our heads. If we untangle them, the 'business' comes from what we commit to. That busy job in the city - two hours from home? I agreed to that. That weekend of Girl Guide camp? Yup, that was me. The half-finished cardigan I am knitting? I cast it on. The full-time study? Dinner for the extended family? The weekend away to support a loved one's passion project? Yes. Yes and yes. They were all decisions I made, and could have chosen not to make.

I like my life. I like the things I do. The people I spend time with. The places I go. I'm pretty damn lucky to have so many easy choices to do, or not to do, and there's always more things I can choose, or not choose. I did make a list of things I wanted to do this year. It was a bucket list for the soul, and so far, it's going pretty well.

How's your 'to-do', or 'not to-do' list going?

1. Go to a craft camp I've booked to go to Wild Rumpus' Jamboree in October.
2. Use a slow stitching and mending technique Oooh, I must share this. I mended a long-line sleeveless trench using a Japanese Boro Sashiko stitch.
3. Draw my op shop finds 
4. Pass the first year of my MBA
5. Read a book each month that is unrelated to work or study
6. Spend an average 15mins in the garden each day

7. Hold a garage sale
8. Camp in autumn I camped this weekend. It was a Girl Guide camp and it was winter, but I am counting it.
9. Camp in spring
10. Travel overseas A trip has been booked for September.
11. Lose 5kg
12. Spend a weekend in Melbourne with my Mum
13. Visit my Nana in Brisbane
14. Knit a Jenny Kee pattern
15. Host a camp cooking event for my Girl Guide #girlgang

16. Make a Pussy Hat Done, and I've been wearing it.
17. Host a Pussy Hat knitting workshop
18. Host a mandala stitching workshop

19. Cook from a recipe that’s new to me once a week I am keeping up and going above and beyond with this one. I'm digging into new recipe books and old favourites.
20. Cook a fancy dinner once a month I haven't got the Damask tablecloth out, but my new-to-me weekly dinners have strayed into 'fancy' territory.
21. Strike a frangipani I think I've done this. It's got little leaves on it.
22. Join a produce swap at least once a quarter Winning with this one. It's June and I've been to two produce swaps.
23. Ride my bike more I have done one long ride and had the bike serviced. That counts, right?
24. Swim in the ocean more
25. See more of my niece and nephew

26. Create an op shop guide to the Central Coast
27. Get my Girl Guide canoeing qualifications (for about the third time, I always let them lapse )
28. Do an overnight hike

29. Spend a weekend at Brunswick Heads Done and done and will be doing it again.
30. Use a solar dye pot
31. Go back to yoga classes One class down.
32. Write a short story
33. Read more poetry
34. Go to live music gigs I started with tickets to Martha Wainwright. Here's to more soon.
35. Write more letters to my letter-writing friends
36. Try straw-bale gardening
37. Learn more about bee-keeping
38. Make sourdough bread
39. Write and host a webinar
40. Play with my film cameras more
41. Try calligraphy
42. Pick up the printmaking tools again and crack out some prints
43. Make my own muesli

Image source: Glenn Carstens-Peters, on UnSplash

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  1. It is such a vibrant, interesting list Katie.