You know what that means. If we've made our way through December, we've made our way through to the end of the year - and be done...

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You know what that means. If we've made our way through December, we've made our way through to the end of the year - and be done with it, I say.


I WENT TO... Sydney Living Museum's Christmas Food Fare. This gorgeous, small producers market is held at Hyde Park Barracks in the heart of Sydney's CBD. I picked up a beautiful cheese (polished off with a cold beer yesterday) and preserves from the Sydney Country Women's Association (CWA).

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I ATE... Delicious, once-a-year, festive fare. This salad deserves a shout out. I planned to make it Christmas day, but with so much food already on the table, it was saved to eat the following week. If you're looking for salads to ease your way into a healthier 2017, put this one at the top of your list.

Other recipes I've tried and loved this month include the Sri Lankan avocado smoothie from Green Kitchen Stories book, Green Kitchen Travels, and the zucchini and rice slice from the current edition of Lunch Lady.

I OP SHOPPED... I actually made an op shop blunder this month. I saw a jacket I knew was 'out there' but solid gold (almost literally, it was a gold bomber jacket). At a mere $10, I should have snapped it up, but I had a rare moment of wardrobe pragmatism and left it on the rack. When I went back yesterday to see if it was still there, it was gone. The lesson? Don't hesitate to grab something your op shop nose knows is good. Ignore your pragmatic wardrobe self.

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I MADE... Rhubarb jam, beaded necklaces, Christmas decorations and a pair of summer pyjamas from a thrifted, 1952 Vogue sewing pattern.

Although I didn't make this, the gift I most enjoyed giving this Christmas was a thrifted doll and assortment of home made dresses. The doll was found for a mere $3 at an op shop. The dresses were made by my Mum for a Holly Hobbie doll I had as a child - some 30 years ago. Soaked, washed and ironed the dresses came up a treat and will enjoy a new life with the four-year-old grandkidlet.

I READ... I've not finished anything this month but am half way through Geraldine Brooks' The Secret Chord. I started it in September, after picking it up at Singapore airport. I'll have it finished before I head back to work next week.

I'll sign off for the year. Thank you for stopping by this little blog. It's my happy place, even more so when you pop a note at the end of a post.

Happy New Year.

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