I HAD an op shop niggle last week and it was a good one. I scored four tubes of buttons - each 50c a tube and these Jonathan Sceats frames ...

Jonathan Sceats 1980s glasses

I HAD an op shop niggle last week and it was a good one. I scored four tubes of buttons - each 50c a tube and these Jonathan Sceats frames from the 1980s for $3. Boo-yah! They're my spectacle Nirvana and my optometrist hasn't been asked to pull apart a vintage pair of specs apart for some time. Hey, I need these specs to be fitted with my prescription. I read. I read a lot and I've got a backlog of books piling up (and sewing if the above photo of my long-standing Easter craft UFO is any indication).

The Sydney Writers Festival is this month and I have tickets to a couple of events, one featuring Kate Holden. I'm reading her book In My Skin during the daily train commute and today nearly missed my stop I was so engrossed.

In reaching for new books, mostly with the help of a couple of well-worn library cards, I have bookmarked the Black Book Challenge. Go on, how many books by indigenous Australian authors can you claim to have read? Hmmm, me too.

Keeping with the literary theme, I was at the Sydney launch of Pia's book, My Heart Wanders, on Friday night. I couldn't stay long, more was the pity. I've had the good fortune to write professionally about Pia's books before and though I haven't yet read this book it's waiting as a treat for when I duck off to a creative residential at Sturt's Winter School in July. I just know it'll be perfect for cosying up to of an evening.

Before I toddle off and stick my nose back into Holden's writing, Caz, of Bird with the Golden Seed tagged me last week. I'm blushing to have this tag come my way again so quickly. Instead of boring you with more about me I'll point you to Caz's own reading challenge, which has been to hunt down cult literature in The Year of Reading Backwards. Maybe instead of seven things, you can pluck out seven books to read in the remaining eight months of 2011. Gosh, how did that happen?

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  1. I read alot as well all sorts so will check out what you suggested

  2. PS Couple of your links didnt work one was black book challenge the other was the Bird one.

  3. I'm engrossed in Isabelle Allende's latest novel The Island Beneath the Sea. I'm learning a lot about Haiti's past and am really enjoying it. She's tells a really good epic tale.

    Your book treats/adventures sound marvelous!

    About your ques re blog template and wider pics, I left you a comment back on my blog. Hope that helps.

  4. Like the finds..buttons are cool to collect, have got some on a plate at the moment while I'm making a felt heart for my friend, just deciding which ones to choose. They look like colourful treats!
    I've just started reading 'Pride + Prejudice', over at Pip's bookclub. Happy reading :)

  5. 'In My Skin' is great, isn't it?? I was completely engrossed. Enjoy the rest of it.

  6. What fantastic glasses!
    One of my goals for 2011 was to read LOTR and I am 1/3 of the way there.

  7. Thanks for the link to Anita Heiss' Black Book Challenge! I'm looking forward to becoming more familiar with some great Aboriginal Australian authors.

  8. awesome button score! i love buttons, there's just something about them...

  9. Am glad you found the Black Book Challenge helpful! Hope you enjoy your future reading. :)
    Peace, Anita

  10. i wish i had more time to read - i too have a pile of books waiting for me! I did however just finish 'Bossypants' by Tina Fey which was a super fast read - i enjoyed it but i think if i was American I would have enjoyed it more...and Im currently reading 'Me Talk Pretty One day' by DAvid Sedaris -its good so far!

  11. Oh yes, those are good specs. And jeez, I just spotted that you spelled optometrist right and I spelled it wrong in my post. I'll be off to the Wordpress back end with my red pen, then...