THIS post is late. We're three days into November, the Melbourne Cup horse race has been run and I can feel the squeeze of those last ...

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THIS post is late. We're three days into November, the Melbourne Cup horse race has been run and I can feel the squeeze of those last weeks in the run up to Christmas. Thankfully, this month brought a sweet moment of respite by way of a lovely tropical island break. Here's hoping that post mini-break glow doesn't wear off too quickly.

In October:

I WENT TO… Hamilton Island. The boy - now a 21-year-old man - lives there running quad bike tours. He’s the youngest of the brood and, to date, the most widely travelled with plans for more adventures in the new year. 

I ATE… The boy booked us in to Hamilton Island’s beautiful Co Ca Chu restaurant. An Asian-inspired ‘fusion' menu with sweeping views of sand, sea and island: what’s not to like?

I OP SHOPPED… Very little this month. I brought home a Lisa Ho dress for $10 without trying it on. I figured the silk was worth it if the fit was not. Turns out I’ll be keeping it for the silk alone and it’ll be made into a flowing summer tank. I also brought home a 1980s denim skirt and that string of 1970s wooden macrame beads you see above. 

My favourite car boot sales are on this weekend. Here’s hoping for a few more choice thrifted finds.

I MADE… I made my first wicking bed. That seed saving day I raced ahead to mention in last month's post was a day to learn a new garden art - the art of making seed raising mixtures and a wicking bed. Hands down, it's proved the most successful seed propagating method I've used.

I READ… Three books - and none of them from that five-book pile still sitting on my bedside table. I’m pottering through that lot, unlike two of this month’s three reads which were devoured in a single day; something I’ve not done for years. 

Euphoria was a serendipitous find in the poorly stocked Hamilton Island airport. Clearly people are more absorbed by water sports, white sands and turquoise waters, but my interest was piqued by the fictional recasting of Margaret Mead and her anthropological circle. 

Charlotte Wood’s The Natural Way of Things was savoured. I am a fan of Wood’s writing and this was, for me, reminiscent of my first reading of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

The third book, an easy novella-sized read, was read over a train commute and Saturday morning coffee. I haven’t read any of Anna Funder’s work and picked up The Girl With The Dogs from the library to taste test, as it were. Initially, I couldn’t see what the fuss was about, but it’s a story that has stirred and stayed with me: definitely the mark of a good story, right?

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