Who wants to be faced with a fussy recipe on a hot day? I've made two of these ice cream recipes before and they've been hits. The l...

Who wants to be faced with a fussy recipe on a hot day? I've made two of these ice cream recipes before and they've been hits. The lemon curd is a favourite for dinner parties and the peanut butter is a family favourite. The third is on the list to try.

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It's as easy as soften your favourite brand of regular vanilla ice cream. On a hot day that takes no time at all. Stir through peanut butter, put it back in the freezer to firm up again, and you're done. 
The ratio of peanut butter to ice cream depends entirely on you. We're heavy-handed with the peanut butter and always opt for a crunchy peanut butter. Experiment to see what you like. 


Either make your own, snap some up at a local fete or farmers market, or buy the supermarket variety. Home made is better and my advice is to use Stephanie Alexander's recipe: it saves all the bother of double boilers. If you're going with a store-bought curd, honestly, it'll still be good.
As with the peanut butter ice cream, soften store-bought vanilla ice cream and stir in a lot of curd if you love the tang of lemon, or a little if you want something that's just a nod to the sour/sweet velvety taste of the butter.


You could opt for a recipe to make this ice cream from scratch. In fact, if you click on the image sources, below, for the images above, you'll find easy recipes for home made ice creams. 
However, the stir-through method I use tastes just as good and is a lot easier.
When I do try this, I'll roast the berries as suggested - roast berries, sugar and spice in a hot oven for 20mins and allow to cool - and stir through bought vanilla ice cream. Strawberries are in plentiful supply right now. I'm even thinking of swapping out the spice for a splash of balsamic. Stay tuned.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || home made blood orange marmalade ice cream


I did make this from scratch some summers ago. I was given a jar of gorgeous blood orange marmalade and feared it would go to waste because there was only me likely to eat it. The solution was to make a dessert that everyone would enjoy, and this was it
My theory is that a marmalade, or any jam made from stone fruit would work easily as well if you stirred it through a store-bought vanilla ice cream. Or warm the jam or marmalade and serve it as a topping. It's a theory. Let me know if you test it.

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  1. Yum, I could happily eat all of these Katie! Your photos are luscious!

    1. My recommendation is for the lemon butter one. It's a favourite. The top three photos are beautiful, but not mine. The photo sources are at the bottom of the post - with the luscious 'make from scratch' options. The marmalade ice cream photo is mine. It was a quick snap, the ice cream not lasting long.