A MILLION years ago, when I was a young thing, at university and living week-to-week off the back of parental support, a paper run and ...

A MILLION years ago, when I was a young thing, at university and living week-to-week off the back of parental support, a paper run and a scholarship, the ultimate treat was a takeout order from Slick's Chips.

Slick's was in a back street of Hamilton, a suburb of Newcastle. It was an in-the-know kinda place serving up a menu of choose-you-own-combo burgers and loaded hot chips well before McDonalds and the current crop of fancy burger establishment's in Sydney.

This was the 1990s and for the University of Newcastle's struggling student population, pooling your share house's spare cash and making a dash to Slick's marked many an occasion. It was the perfect fuel for an all-night study session. It marked the end of assignments, aided us through messy break-ups, was a required accompaniment to watching Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place (watched on beaten up televisions at the actual time of airing) and celebrated every Austudy windfall, of which there were few.

Two decades have passed since and Slick's is long gone, but every so often I will still crave a bowl of Slick's Chips. They're the ultimate comfort food and perfect Sunday lunch fare on a wet and miserable winter's day.

Crinkle cut frozen chips
Salt and pepper
Sour cream
Sweet chilli sauce

Bake or fry the frozen chips as per the directions on the packet. I bake mine, under the illusion they'll be healthier for me. Oh to be young again. Some 20 years ago I was none too concerned about the calories. 
Make an avocado smash by removing the avocado flesh and smashing in a bowl or on a plate with the back of a fork. Add a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper, to taste. 
When the chips are golden brown, dump into your serving bowl, shake over salt and top with a generous dollop of avocado smash and another of sour cream.
Pour over a little sweet chilli sauce.

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  1. Oh man, these epic loaded fries would be perfect on a cold winter night. Excellent choice with crinkle cut - you can't beat 'em!

  2. Oh those chips look SO good, especially since it is freezing cold and almost lunch time! Back in the day I loved 90210 and Melrose Place bad but so good.

  3. Oh god, these look awesome! These are good at any time...but I've been a student most of my adult life so this will be my excuse!

  4. I also frequented this establishment. I often get a craving for them and just now thought maybe google can help and here it is. I thought they had some sort of seasoning on them as well, aside from the salt and pepper, but hey I am blown away by the fact that someone else remembers them.

    1. Darren, I am with you on the seasoning - it wasn't chicken salt, but given the era it was probably just a shake of package Mexican seasoning or something like that. Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.