HOW'S your tomato crop going? Mine's flush with plum-size red sphere and I am at the start of the picking frenzy.  I never, eve...

HOW'S your tomato crop going? Mine's flush with plum-size red sphere and I am at the start of the picking frenzy. 

I never, ever plant tomatoes. I just go with the crop that comes up. For years it was a sweet little pear-shaped tomato that one year, about three years ago, just didn't come back. I wish I had saved seeds from it. I figured it would always come back, year after year, as it had done for so many years after we moved in. It didn't. Poop.

The red tomatoes have made up, in punnet-loads, for a lack of those sweet little yellow bulbs. Tonight they'll be cut up into a lentil and haloumi salad, and in the past they've been tossed into all manner of salads, into frittatas and pasta dishes.

My favourite tomato-flavoured pasta dish, shared here previously but back on the dinner rotation, is a roasted tomatoes with basil pesto and pretty much anything made with a homemade pasatta. Perfect for the easiest of summer dishes: pulled together after a day at the beach or enjoying the long hours of plentiful sunshine. || roasted tomato and pesto pasta for summer || tomato passata for summer
Summer is also my favourite time for sweet treats. I am not a fan of ice cream, but made ice blocks a couple of summers back from a tray of ripening mangoes and, bam, yoghurt-based cold smoothies and ice blocks were suddenly my new favourite thing. Much better than ice cream and pretty much just a fruit and yoghurt smoothie, made thick and poured into the moulds, then frozen. No churning or scratching away the ice crystals, and they're delicious.

Another delicious mango treat I discovered, last summer, was mango butter. Chilled and straight from the fridge, it's heaven in a jar. || mango and yoghurt ice blocks for summer || mango butter for summer
Easy peasy summer treats that make the best of the season's harvest and that you have to get into now, while all these summer fruits, berries and vegetables are at their best.


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  1. i cannot even imagine having mangos just growing. hanging out. that blows my mind.
    i love some mango but it's pricey here and i get it. so not something i have often.

    happy that you have such lovely tomatoes to cook with. our tomatoes were so sad last year. just wasn't a good year on our balcony garden. poop. hoping for the best this summer. our summer.