YOU people are the best. You endure my constant moaning about feeding the family and you supply menu choices. What more could a gal ask f...

YOU people are the best. You endure my constant moaning about feeding the family and you supply menu choices. What more could a gal ask for of her bloggy pals? There are gems among the comments on my last post and, really, I know there's more to be shared. Don't be shy. Go on. What's your one-dish wonder? Even better, what's the dish you pack up each night as your next day's lunch? Seems we'd all like to know.

Lunches that will travel caught the imagination of a few attentive readers and let me tell you, with a two-hour train commute to work I feel I can confidently recommend lunch containers that can be packed a day ahead, will hold your food, keep it cool, keep it from leaking and keep it from stinking out an entire carriage. Nothing nastier than a fellow commuter for whom the last seat left on the train is next to you and your curried egg sanga.

Let me tell you, the Famous Five were on to something. They travelled light and simple - a little like the delightful Kylie, of Mizu Designs, (read her comment on my last post). Honestly, you can't go far past an honest, fair-dinkum sandwich for portability. But, Lordy, can it get dull. I tried this zucchini and rice slice recipe last week and it worked a treat. It could be eaten cold, or reheated, and it was filling - oh yes, it's hard to put in a 12-hour day on one sandwich. And, if I am not mistaken, it's gluten free. My only problem was that it was such a hit with the other worker bees in our household that it was gone by Tuesday.

Try it and keep the play lunch tips coming. Oh, and squeeze in a Lamington today. Think of me when you do: I'm at work.

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  1. Ha! Cheeky you mentioning my modest sandwich lunch :)
    That zucchini rice slice looks fab. Might even give it a go.
    And a lamington today on Aus Day does sound like a good thing to do. Now that you've mentioned it. And I've been for my 5k run and all....

  2. Sorry, I don't have any advice, there are only two of us in my household, so we just eat whatever that comes handy. I am loving this zucchini and rice bake though, I think I'll have to try it out this weekend.

  3. For us lunch is always leftovers from the night before. So today is Butter Chicken. Yesterday was black Bean and Sweet potato chilli.

  4. Oh that looks FABULOUS! I love a bake, so simple to make yet so delicious.

  5. Travelling with class and experiencing dinner with candles is indeed romantic.

  6. oh yes that looks super easy, you could change it up, instead of zucchini add salmon and spinach. mmmm