THIS weekend I've managed to visit a friend in hospital; plant broad beans seeds, a blueberry bush, leek seedlings, cumin, rosemary and...

THIS weekend I've managed to visit a friend in hospital; plant broad beans seeds, a blueberry bush, leek seedlings, cumin, rosemary and a bunch of other herbs; and, cook real food - not the harried muck I've been dishing up. There was a Thai chicken broth last night and today I've got a parsnip and chilli curry in the slow cooker, baked a chicken and chickpea dish to serve up with mashed potato and greens tomorrow night and put on a pot of spiced pumpkin and lentil soup.

It's a return to normality and a little slowing of pace. It's autumn. The evenings are cooler, mornings darker and Daylight Saving time has, thankfully, for me, ended.

The light is mellow, my mind turns to what I have stacked on my bookshelf for indulgent winter weekend reading. I've aired the winter wardrobe and taken a few things to the dry cleaner so they're ready to wear when the days turn cold. My scarves and brooches have been looked over with a critical eye. Which ones can be paired and what will they be draped over? My new kingfisher brooch, made and sent to me by the talented Kate Slater seems a good fit for a vintage Desert Designs silk scarf I picked up at the op shop for $1 a few weeks back.

I'm even thinking about the blog again. It's been drifting along on its own merry way but I feel like I'm ready to pull this poor old thing back into shape, starting now with a shout out to Tracey Sargent, of Quiet Paws, who bestowed upon me a versatile blogger's award. If that's a nice way to say my blog's all over the shop, I'll take it on the chin.

I tag Etcetera, FanGirlish, Pepper Stitches and Maxabella Loves to tell you seven random facts about themselves after, of course, I've shared mine.

1. I have a birth mark on my left hand and use it to tell left from right.
2. I hired a car for the first time while in Hobart. Too true. 37 and never hired a car before.
3. I used a GPS thing-a-me-jig for the first time while driving above said hire car. I got cranky with it.
4. I commute four hours a day to work and back. Yup, count 'em. Four hours.
5. I have never seen a full episode of Glee. Tell me, am I missing something here?
6. Kelly Doust's book, Life in Frocks, was the last book I read.
7. I only learned to swim at age 17. Properly swim, that is. I could float just fine.
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  1. dinner at your house sounds absolutely yum. and you've inspired me to tackle and replant my vege garden, it's been way too long.

    I'll dish up seven random facts later this week :)

  2. nice work on the plantings, it has been good weather for gardening

    i'm right there with you on Glee - i just don't get the fuss??

  3. Love it. Autumn is the same for me - my creativity awakes, I finally feel like doing something, cooking, sewing etc.

  4. FOUR!? Oh my! Do you listen to talking books? Or music? What helps pass the time?

    I do like Glee but I confess I get a bit bored with it all and hit the fast forward from time to time. Sssshhh!!

    Thanks for the tag, KatieCrackerNuts. I've loved learning a couple of new things about you! x

  5. Haha ... I'm nothing if not polite! ;)
    But seriously, your blog is always a joy to behold ... and I love the many and varied things you blog about.

    I love your list of random facts.
    I haven't hired a car yet either - I wonder how old I'll be when that happens for the first time?
    That's a seriously long commute ... I think my commute totals about 3 hours a day, but four hours to work and back? Wow.

    Thanks for taking part, and I hope you've been keeping well (I'm in blog catch-up mode as you can tell).