I WENT a little nutty with the camera this weekend. I aimed the lens above scenes around my house - no styling, no making things look pre...

I WENT a little nutty with the camera this weekend. I aimed the lens above scenes around my house - no styling, no making things look pretty - and shot a birds eye view. This was the kitchen while I was rolling out spinach and ricotta gnocchi. If you've bought the recent Good Taste magazine, it's the dish on the cover. Go look. How could you not be enticed by that?

I love gnocchi. With basil or rocket pesto made from what's in the pantry and what's pulled from the garden, it's a summer staple. This summer I'll be rolling my own, made with gluten-free flours. Sigh. Gluten free is Boring. That's right. "Capital B" Boring. I tried a commercial brand of gluten-free flour but thought the gnocchi a little dense. I'll whip up a batch of this flour and have a crack with it.

Any tips or tricks for substituting gluten-free flours for the regular stuff? And what about pointers to sites listing gluten traps for the uninitiated. This stuff is in everything. Is there a list?

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  1. We used the Safe/Unsafe lists from pretty frequently when we first transitioned to a (mostly) GF household.

    There's also a great iPhone app for checking products while grocery shopping.

    And gluten-free doesn't have to be boring! It just takes a lot of time and experiments and most probably a few failures here or there. Good luck to you.

  2. Xantham gum is the key to alleviate denseness plus follow liquid recommendations on the back of the GF flour packs as it differs from normal wheat flours. It is a lot of trial and error but having been gluten free for nearly 2yrs now it's definitely not boring. I can send you my chocfudge brownies from heaven recipe if you want. They are full of rich gooey goodness despite being GF. "Gluten-Free Girl" also has some great recipes.

  3. I don't think it will help you unless you happen to come to Melbourne, but I recently read that Federation Square is turning into a "gluten-free" zone... ie all the restaurants will offer gluten free selections, or something like that... a friend from Sydney told me that we have a lot more choice down here, not sure if it's true!

  4. I substitute GF flour into all recipes... i like nigella's domestic godess book for cake - her cup cake recipe works everytime GF... aswell as the store cupboard chocolate cake n heaps of others.

    But I agree, its hard to make trad. Italian dishes GF - your gnocchi looks delish!

  5. Have you checked out Apparently her recipe for gluten free pasta is the best thing ever, and she spends her life creating gluten free recipes that taste better than the real thing. Read her story and you just might get hooked on her site (her husband is a chef). She also talks about how, when they honeymooned in Italy, it was very easy to eat GF in Italy, the Italians are very hip to it (of course!) so I'm sure there is a kick arse recipe for GF gnocchi out there!