Sometimes, the most ordinary looking thing, like a rocky path, can be the most extraordinary.  I was musing on that while walking over this ...

Sometimes, the most ordinary looking thing, like a rocky path, can be the most extraordinary. 

A wide rocky foreground with clear blue sky overhead

I was musing on that while walking over this rocky path in Mount Kaputar National Park in northwest NSW. To the untrained eye - mine - it's rocks, but in reality it's the remnants of a lava flow dating 20 million years ago

Blow. Your. Mind. 

Well, maybe not everyone's but it certainly made me marvel at the passage of time, plants, animals and people that have passed over these rocks, and then me. Who, or what, in another 20 million years will be standing here? 

I WENT TO... Narrabri, staying with friends at the lovely The Dewhurst and driving to Mount Kaputar National Park to walk the remnants of that 21 million-year-old volcano. 

I OP SHOPPED... I wandered into the Vinnies at Wee Waa while we were visiting the state's northwest and picked up a cute tee and even cuter linen embroidered blouse from the 1970s. It's light, cool and feels crisp and clean to wear. In the same store, I also scored Marion: Recipes and Stories from a Hungry Cook for a mere $2. As pretty much the only op shop I ventured into all month, it was a pretty neat haul. 

I READ... Probably not the best reading for this moment in time, what with the US elections and what feels like a daily new report about the dismal future of the planet, but Moment of Truth: The Nature of Catastrophes and How to Prepare For Them, by disaster and emergency management communicator Kelly McKinney, has significant lessons about being prepared for the very worst (and not assuming it won't happen to you). A Room Made of Leaves, by Kate Grenville, was read as an audio book on the way up to Narrabri. An audio book can sure make a trip go faster and it's sent me off into a 'next book' spiral to learn more about the back stories of other British colonialists. Girl, Woman, Other, by Bernardine Evaristo, was also an audio book and one where the characters happily followed me, or I them, around my blooming and producing spring garden while I weeded, mulched and planted out new crops. 

I MADE... The chocolate biscuits, or Brunsli, from Yotam Ottolenghi's Simple. They are very simple and have a delicious Jaffa taste in a gluten and dairy-free brownie-like biscuit. I'm thinking ahead to Christmas gifting and a medley of biscuits may include this in the cut.

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