I am feeling the rising tide of panic that comes at this time of the year. We're staring down the barrel at Christmas, uni assignments a...

I am feeling the rising tide of panic that comes at this time of the year. We're staring down the barrel at Christmas, uni assignments are due left right and centre, work deadlines are banking up and I insist on keeping up with family and friends. || daffodils and crocheted daffodil doiley

I tell myself 'do just one thing at a time', while actually doing or thinking about three other things.

This week I am home and trying to catch up on uni assignments missed while working on fundraising appeals for the earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia, fires in Greece and the drought across NSW and Queensland. I'm also helping dry out tents that went with Girl Guides to the national Jamboree last week. All are sodden after days of heavy rain. You couldn't credit it. Blue skies for months ahead of the camp, but once 1500 girls were on site, the heavens opened.

We have birthdays to celebrate and last Sunday I spent an afternoon making a Ben the Elf costume for a little one's party.

My Nana's been sick and I've been talking regularly to my Mum in another state while she pitches in to manage the logistics of doctors, specialists and the endless discussions about care.

The house hasn't been cleaned for weeks and plans to host a garage sale have been abandoned while we stick to more important and pressing matters.

Yet, even with the whirlwind that is daily life, the cicadas hum at night to remind me easy summer days are coming, the olive tree is about to burst forth into flower and bring bees to the garden and the hippeastrum and star jasmine are about to bloom. There are coffee dates to be had, friends offering to share a meal at your house, or theirs, laughing at tired muscles while pulling wet canvas over rafters to dry, and text messages from travelling friends to say they've landed home, safe and well. There's flowers in the house, small reminders of friends far away, music on and little people who remind you to stand still enough for a cuddle and a tickle.

I hope you've got gentle reminders of all that's good in your life too. Here's a few shares to remind you of other good things.

You need a crocheted turtle plant holder. Of course you do.
A poster print reminder of a daily ritual.
A bucket-list challenge for American nature lovers, and wouldn't it be great if we had an Aussie version?
I am booked in for a weekend of camping and I can't wait.

In praise of the produce swap. Have you got one near you?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! Patonga, my family had a house across the inlet when I was young, a gorgeous getaway on your doorstep...enjoy.

  2. Life gets crazy doesn't it? This was me last commitments, appointments, forms to fill in, boxes to tick, meals to cook etc etc! Thankfully this week life has calmed down a little and I am trying hard to say no to things when I can. We all just need to breath! Thanks for the reminder. Our olives are covered in flowers too, they are amazing trees.