YOU'D think my first proper 'spring' post for 2014 would celebrate a little more colour but the Pinterest palette has been simpl...

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || grey booties from a free revelry pattern
katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || beets, goats cheese and rocket on a santa
katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || not the bag i bought but i love it
katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || pattern envy *sigh*
YOU'D think my first proper 'spring' post for 2014 would celebrate a little more colour but the Pinterest palette has been simple of late, which is a notable shift for me. I love colour, I am usually a riot of colour - a please-pass-the-shades cacophony of colour. I can't explain it.

THINGS TO MAKE AND DO: How teeny tiny are these booties Leisl has made? They were whipped up, from a free Ravelry pattern, for her daughter's teacher, who's expecting. Man, my kids' teachers really lucked out on the gift-giving front. 

THINGS TO COOK AND EAT: Everything else here might be monotone but I've been trying hard to look after my health with a daily walk or run and a diet of natural foods from all colours of the rainbow. I was just reading yesterday how good raspberries are for me and have been downing a thick rainbow smoothie every night. I haven't tried this sandwich combo yet but I have plenty of fresh rocket in the garden and beets are good for roasting right now so will try this out for an easy Sunday supper this week.

THINGS TO DROP DOUGH ON: Why is it so difficult to hunt down the perfect bag? Seriously, there are millions of women out there needing handbags to fit with their work, social and family lives, that are secure enough to have on public transport, that fulfil domestic cabin luggage requirements, have hardware that won't fail you as you move forward to take an offered handshake in an important business meeting, that are a picture of ordered and sensible compartments designed to help you navigate to your phone as it screams for attention in a crowded and uncomfortable lift and not, as I have found, a bottomless pit in which sandwich wrappers, your tax receipt filing system and old shopping lists have made a home? Why, oh why, is this so difficult?

This bag I love but it's not going to work? Why? Too thin: there's no gusset to expand for the packed lunch. The hardware: I had a handbag I loved with these 'button' style notches to alter the straps but the buttonholes stretch against the weight of contents and constant use and, bam, that bag will drop like a sack of potatoes - and in my experience - at a time when maximum humiliation is guaranteed.

This bag, also pinned after much trawling of Esty, is the one I have ordered. Wish me handbag luck.

THINGS TO HANG ON THE WALL: Wallpaper envy. Actually, just pattern envy.

#flashback: Not a great deal of pinning happened this time last year, but it was the first month of documenting my monthly craft endeavours.

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  1. i just cannot knit. i've tried and tried. i suck at it. i accept it.
    i love the bag you ordered! i love the pop of green. classic but fun! a sturdy good investment.
    i enjoy some beets! it's true! looks like a great sandwich.
    as much as i love a riot of color i appreciate just black and white too! it's a nice pattern. although it's understated it's chic!

  2. I'm getting right behind a navy and black with hints of gold palette at the moment - hardly spring-like! I really need a bag that can carry a laptop without putting my neck out as I lug things from work to uni. Feels like the impossible task though, to get something in which I can carry heavy things but then also take into a meeting without looking like a schoolchild!

    1. My 'back pack' was lovely, but it's a canvas bag and it's faded, become frayed and the hardware on it has started to break, which just leaves me looking like I am bumbling every time I have to open it. Not good. I'll let you know how the new bag goes.