I AM in multi-tasking overdrive, but in a good way. I have projects on the go everywhere - in the garden, on my sticks, in the mending pile....

I AM in multi-tasking overdrive, but in a good way. I have projects on the go everywhere - in the garden, on my sticks, in the mending pile. I am hunting down new recipes. Trying new exercise routines. Exploring new cafes. I have a stash of books on my bed and am backtracking through unwatched favourite shows. What's so good about all of this is that none are remotely related to my work.

I posted an article about Rushing Women's Syndrome this week and it resonated with readers, friends and family. Two friends even mentioned it when we spoke on the phone, all of us agreeing we had to do something about it.

I feel like I have. I took the brakes off a crushing daily work commute and removed myself from a tricky work environment to reset and refocus. It's been healthy. I was worried sick about leaving a well-paid, full-time job when my partner and I started talking about it more than a year ago. Now that I've made the leap, I'm thrilled. It's offered me new opportunities and new insights. I've booked a trip to Sri Lanka later in the year, applied for things I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do - and am now doing- and signed on to do more training. I'm even thinking about post-graduate study.

Autumn's a good month to be quiet and potter away at my many projects and ideas, all the while thinking and plotting for the future.

Are you thinking about stepping back, or are you already in hibernation? How's it going?

THINGS TO MAKE AND DO: I have seen enough blog posts and Pinterest pins now to suggest that potpourri is making a comeback. The stuff permeated my late 1980s teens. It was everywhere. My mum made it and sold in her nursery gift store, often with my sister and I stuffing drawer and wardrobe hangers and sachets. I'm not sure I can stomach another round of the loose stuff, but I do have a soft spot - along with embroidered handkerchiefs - for the sachets.

THINGS TO COOK AND EAT: This is actually on the menu this weekend. Garlic basil chicken with tomato butter sauce. I still have the last of the basil on in the garden and though there's no more tomatoes from our crop, I have set aside the last of the garlic. Some will be plated out this weekend and the rest will be used in this dish. What's on your menu? Please do steer me to new recipe sites. Quick, easy, tasty. I'm pretty bored with my current menu selections.

THINGS TO DROP DOUGH ON: I think these bottoms would go rather nicely with my new top. My pants either have to be poo catchers, like these, or slim line. I can never go the middle ground. Bootleg? No can do. Do you have a favoured style for pants?

THINGS TO HANG ON THE WALL: Speaking of slim line pants, they'd look even better if my legs - or anyone's legs - were this long. I do love me a vintage retail poster or advertisement.

#flashback: This time last year I was preparing to be away for three big months of travel. Gosh, was that only a year ago. So much has happened since then.

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