THE first day of 2014 and it was spent around a table of food, with local friends and not so local friends passing through. I love to s... || summer feasting || summer table setting
THE first day of 2014 and it was spent around a table of food, with local friends and not so local friends passing through. I love to set a table and know people will walk through the door and settle themselves around it and share stories and plates and ask for recipes and walk around the garden and take home a cutting or a few seed heads for their own patch of soil. It's a lovely way to start a year.

I READ: Two beautiful old books (circa 1950s and circa 1960s) about the Girl Guide movement. Both were really the writer's thoughts on the essence of Guiding and both spoke about this idea of service and self-sacrifice and courage in the face of adversity. As I read them I wondered whether we still have those things. I've been pondering it as I revisited our outgoing Governor General's Boyer Lecture series and heard the incoming Governor General speak of a call to service - and not of the military kind. I've pondered it as I've heard news reports talk of the "Good Samaritan" - a term I found repeated across one particularly awful New Year news story and have quizzed colleagues and respected peers about since.

I WENT TO: My friend Mandy's new house. Her own, beautiful 'posh' house. We drank tea, pondered the gorgeous open space she has for a garden and I coveted all her 1950s art, art glass and kitchenalia. This girl is the business, I tell you.

I LISTENED TO: Oh please, don't get me started. I bought a new iPod - it's a long story and has to do with a lost transfer cord. My dodgy PC didn't recognise it, I transferred my library to my less dodgy Mac, I lost files... oh, I could go on. I've just finished sorting it all out and can never replace my Mac or this iPod every again. Sheesh, and I am supposed to be the family tech geek.

I ATE: A Sydney Festival Fast Feast offering from Red Lantern on Riley. According to one of my dining companions, it was a bargain offering. I wasn't so much fussed on the Fast Festival Feast deal - which are always good - but the fact it meant I could try a restaurant I'd had on my dining bucket list for some time. It was a bonus to walk up to Gelato Messina after dinner for a sweet treat.

I SAW: Honestly nothing. There was much talk about seeing many a movie title over the Christmas break but I am woefully behind in my movie and DVD viewing and I hold no hope for catching up. Do I care? Nup.

I MADE: I am making, though it's taking forever, the Point of View Vest. Have you made it? Did you finish it?
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  1. Your January looks and sounds lovely Katie! Those Girl Guide books sound interesting. I have read a lot of good things about Gelato Messina, it sounds truly delicious in this hot weather!

  2. You need to go and see Wolf of Wall Street and Her. Both fabulous!! x

  3. Darn that is a cute vest - Im sure it will be worth the time you have put in it. And I totally get it - I am a very slow knitter.