I'VE had to throw an extra blanket over the bed this past few nights. Autumn is in no hurry but the days are shorter and nights a lit...

I'VE had to throw an extra blanket over the bed this past few nights. Autumn is in no hurry but the days are shorter and nights a little cooler. We head inland this coming weekend. I'm packing a flannelette shirt with the great hope that the days will be cool enough to wear it.


I WENT TO… There was no extensive travel this month, just a trip to Sydney to train a group of amazing young refugee advocates who will be representing ChilOut in its work.

On top of my work as a journalist and communications consultant, I train young people in speaking to the media, developing and managing advocacy projects and in a raft of team building and leadership skills. When I tell you our future's in good hands, it really, really is. 

I ATE… a celebration meal at Bombini, close by at Avoca Beach. The Mrs and I were celebrating paying off the mortgage and toasted our success over a bottle of red and divine Italian flavours.

I OP SHOPPED… The op shops have been good to me and I have had a handful of lucky finds. My favourite finds have been vintage haberdashery. I've posted sneak peeks on Instagram, but I'll share more soon. Does anyone know much about vintage buttons? I've scored some beautiful ones and I'd like to know more.

I MADE… I finished the boyfriend hat from my last Pinterest post. It was made from a stash of New Zealand wool. The wool is not dyed but the natural colour is warm and wintery. It's a real treat to knit with beautiful wool and this stash was a mere $10 from an op shop. There's enough to make a sweater, but I think I'll keep going with the beanies and put them aside for Christmas giving.

I READ… The sad truth is I have a number of books on the go but none close to being finished. Even the audio books were set asided when I had to hand my MacBook Air over for repairs. It's back, but Audible and iTunes are not playing nicely and I'll have to coax them into being friends again so I can listen past the first chapter of all my new downloads. I've picked out the Neopolitan series from Elena Ferrante. Do tell, is the hype worth it?

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  1. ChilOut sounds like an amazing project Katie. You should be proud of this work. You couldn't fit much more into April!

    1. Jem, the weeks are sure flying by. I am not quite prepared for autumn to be over and winter to arrive, but that's the way of things. Thanks for your kind words. ChilOut does do amazing work.