THE last day of 2013. There's a pavlova in the oven for tomorrow's New Year's Day celebrations. The cicadas are singing, the ski... || new christmas toys to play with || the christmas pavlova || sarah made the sangria || decorations brought home from nepal
THE last day of 2013. There's a pavlova in the oven for tomorrow's New Year's Day celebrations. The cicadas are singing, the skies are blue, the beach beckons but it'll have to wait until this evening. I have mangoes to deseed and make into a mango curd with the leftover egg yolks from the pavlova - oh, and there's washing up to do. Always washing up.

Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your 2014 op shopping, cooking, crafting and digging in the garden adventures.

I READ: Many a lovely Christmas card. I sent out a handful and will keep writing New Year cards to all those I didn't manage to get a card to. Christmas kind of snuck up on us this year.

I WENT TO: My work colleague, friend and fellow blogger's farewell. Bohdana is off to expand her career horizons and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a perfect job for her and I love seeing people strive for new things and new ideas. Good luck BS.

I LISTENED TO: This year's ABC Radio National Boyer Lectures series. Outgoing GG Quentin Bryce gave this year's lectures and forget all the hub bub about her supporting gay marriage - it's a small comment said of fairness and of a respect for human rights. Listen to the whole series. It made me cry. She's a mighty fine woman and you should listen up, there's plenty of wisdom in what she says.

I ATE: Way, way too much this Christmas. I know, I know, it's a Christmas thing, but goodness, so much food. Sarah made the sangria and hosted this year's Christmas. I made the pavlova, Cath made the trifle. There were delicious salads, home made dips and a cheese log, cheese cake, cold roasted chicken, fresh bread rolls hot from the Vietnamese baker. So much food.

I SAW: The Sydney David Jones Christmas windows. It's a guilty pleasure to walk down from my city work office and stand outside and gape with all the children. I am as fascinated as they are. I visited the windows at night too, when they're lit. The reflection in those little faces. It's well worth a visit if you're ever feeling a little bit of the Grinch creep in at Christmas time.

I MADE: I didn't so much make, I mended. I took the hems up on two pairs of pants that have been pinned and sitting in my washing basket for weeks and I took the darning needle to a childhood doll of mine. Silverfish, oh how they had damaged her.

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