We’re 17 days in. How are those New Year resolutions going? I’m not good at them myself. I’ve heaps of room for improvement but I know my l...

We’re 17 days in. How are those New Year resolutions going? I’m not good at them myself. I’ve heaps of room for improvement but I know my limitations and, let’s face it, I’d be setting myself up to fail – big time.

That said, if I had one resolution it would be to kick the habit of letting things pile up until I am stymied by indecision and overwhelmed by to-dos. Over the holiday break I sorted things. I didn’t really clear out cupboards – though that should probably happen someday soon – but I got things in order, physically and mentally.

I whittled down piles of paperwork, let go of projects clearly destined for another time and found places for things lying around the house. Piles of things. Mostly my piles. Piles of vintage fabric. Piles of mending. Never ending piles of unfinished books, magazines and recipe folders. You know, the things that’ll be better once I’ve taken them in, brought up the hem, ripped off the sleeves. The recipe to dazzle friends with when you finally get around to inviting them over for dinner. The magazine with pages of new things to look up and add to your reader. You know the stuff. The great big gargantuan piles of STUFF. I even photographed my latest pile. Two op-shopped books from my mother (I come from a family of pile builders); a vintage frock I WILL take the hem up on; a cheap and cheerful perfume I bought because I remembered wearing it 20 years ago; and, the latest still unread, edition of Frankie, bought because I adored the dress on the cover. See, I have a problem.

Even my digital space is cluttered. I’ve worked hard to rid myself of an extensive list of bookmarked pages and am instead using Pinterest to catalogue stuff I want to come back to and stuff I want to share. There’s just so much good stuff out there. I’m OD’ing on good stuff. How much good stuff can one girl handle? Is there a cut-off? A known limit? How do you turn away from the good stuff?

THINGS TO MAKE AND DO: Chinese rice bowl planters from Poppytalk.
THINGS TO COOK AND EAT: Raspberry curd from Kootoyoo
THINGS TO DROP DOUGH ON: This board is starting to look like a library catalogue but, hey, I like dropping dough on books. The Wilder Life, by Wendy McClure.
THINGS TO HANG ON THE WALL: OK, I failed. There’s four boards. Sue me. I can’t buy, eat or make E.A. Seguy’s natural history drawings of cicadas so there had to be another board.
Vintage dress: $20, from markets at Peats Ridge Festival
The Pooh Sketch Book: thrift gift from my mother
Frankie (Jan/Feb): $9.50, newsagency
$4711 eau de toilette: $12.95, pharmacy

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  1. I'm impressed that it's all in piles...I looked at the pile of things to be mended/altered (& then walked away & had a cup of tea instead)

  2. Oh I know what you mean, I have the same problem too. One main thing I want to really work on is to focus more, however there has been so many distractions in my life at the moment it's been close to impossible to focus on anything.

  3. #4711 reminds me of dinner parties my parents would throw in the 70s. Mum would dab the aforementioned on the insides of her wrists and Dad would line up his collection of John Denver and Neil Diamond by the record player (music to digest by, apparently).

  4. I think Pinterest is a great place for we clutterers. I've only been on there for a week and am already overflowing. with only just the things that really catch my eye. Cherrie

  5. AHHH I feel your pain but I couldn't really live any other way, having said that, I am also 17 days deep into cleaning up my piles of treasures too.
    I really think pinterest is fab - a great way to tidy up, make digital lists, bookmarks etc
    and thanks for those links, have now added them to my boards too!

  6. I am so with you on stuff and while I almost completed a master clean up of my flat (we actually got rid of 10kg of rubbish) my digital space is also a mess, gmail overflowing, bookmarks of blogs and articles, photos. Pinterest looks awesome. I am trying to take the approach of :if you have not worn, read, looked at something - throw it away, recycle, put it in a box with a now and donate it!

    Unless it has some real nostalgic value and no a top you were when you has your first kiss does not need to be kept. Just take a Polaroid of it and give it away!

  7. Oh yes, I've been de-cluttering too ... and so it still contains. I have no idea how I accumulate so much stuff. It hangs around and weighs us down I think ... best to move it on to a new home.


  8. Happy New Year to you Ms Katiecrackernuts! This is all to familiar. I have small piles of beautiful dusty fabric in my bedroom just waiting there and waiting there. So many ideas and good intentions and so little time. Pinterest - I like the idea of that. Good luck with the sorting!

  9. I've never thought of pinterest as a place to organise your clutter. I like that. I didn't log in for 6 months while we were away and I am having trouble remembering what I have pinned and what I haven't yet so its all a bit confusing right now. But it is so much better than the mess I used to have on my desktop and in my bookmarks.