HOW long has it been since you've read a Famous Five story? For me, I am guessing it's been a good 30 years. Lordy have things ch...

HOW long has it been since you've read a Famous Five story? For me, I am guessing it's been a good 30 years. Lordy have things changed in that time. Granted, ol' Enid did write them in the 1950s but, by golly, my jaw hit the floor a number of times.

For starters, surely social services needed to be called in. Who lets their children go off riding into the never never for days on end, without even so much as checking where they're going and what they plan to do for accommodation and food?

And is it just me, or did Enid have a commission from the Department of Health to keep spruiking the virtues of exercise and hearty meals - in moderation and only when required as fuel? Either way, I was salivating at the simple, wholesome picnic spreads these young teens knocked up - mine have managed to rise to topping a pre-bought pizza crust, so I was suitably impressed.

Speaking of young teens, how old ARE the Famous Five. I picked Julian for 14 or 15? Anne at, what, 11 or 12? Anne seemed a whizz with fresh bread rolls, a bit of Pecks Paste and crisp lettuce - so dab a hand I tried it myself. Let me tell you, the five were onto something with that tasty morsel.
If you haven't read a Famous Five for a while and you've got one banging about at the back of a bookshelf, drag it out for a re-read. When you're done, get back to me and tell me if you weren't suddenly hankering to pack an overnight bag, slap it on your kid's back, hand over a couple of bucks and tell 'em to go off adventuring - possibly with a mobile phone programmed with Constable Plod's number?

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  1. O to go camping in a gypsy wagon or caravan. I'm sure the amount of 'hols' they went on is more than the possible years they should have covered. And I still don't know whay a 'spanish Omelette' is. Loved Enid Blyton forty years ago and 4 four years too. Cherrie

  2. I have never heard of Famous Five before. Sounds like a good read, loving the illustrations as well. Wonder where I can get my paws on one...

  3. Peck's Paste ... was that anchovette? Ooh yum!
    I've never read The Famous Five I'm afraid to say. I loved Enid Blyton's "Naughtiest Girl in the School" series. I sooooo wanted to go to boarding school, by train of course, be sent tins of biscuits & play lacrosse ... whatever that was ;-)

  4. i have no idea what you're are banging on about with this famous five.
    anyhow so when are you bringing out a book about all your opp shop finds, the characters you meet and those hidden gems of opp shops and to teach us how to sniff out those fab finds that only you seem to find?

  5. Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

    plex visit :

  6. Thanks for your tip Katie, will definitely do a search on flickr. I love old illustrations like that.
    I hope you are loving your issue of Peppermint magazine too, I'm planning a lazy Sunday tomorrow to read mine :)

  7. Hi there,
    I've just discovered you via tsk tsk and you've immedieatly struck a chord with your famous five post. Very funny and so true!
    I think I have read most of them, the same editions {passed on to me from my mother} as you have pictured above. And yes, I can work up as much appetite reading as if I'd actually hiked across the moors with the FF myself. I have now the pleasure of reading them to my boys and whilst the chances of them solving a mystery whilst camping in a disused lighthouse are pretty slim, I like to think the spirit of adventure is being passed on. Thanks for the great post, looking forward to catching up on more of your blog.

  8. Hi.....The Famous Five were my favourite books in about year 3 and 4. The school librarian and my mum (also a librarian) plotted to make me read books other than them - apparantly i needed to broaden my reading horizons. I also loved watching the show on abc after school, I even loved the theme song which I can still hum! I loved their adventures, camping on bikes, in caravans....I think I will reread might still be hanging around at my parent's house.
    PS I just stumbled across your blog today. It is great - just when I was feeling a bit sick of the computer and reading my old favourites I have found some new ones to look at.
    PSS - I love gardening too!