I THOUGHT I'd drift back through to wish 2010 a jolly good riddance and cheer in 2011. Not that 2010 was bad, I just like fresh starts,...

I THOUGHT I'd drift back through to wish 2010 a jolly good riddance and cheer in 2011. Not that 2010 was bad, I just like fresh starts, clean slates, blank pages, new beginnings. Don't you?

So, chink-chink and cheers.

The cocktails are courtesy of my new favourite online magazine Sweet Paul. I've been hoovering up new online finds and bookmarking old favourites for later. I've even bookmarked Christmas bits and bobs, like these no-sew decorations, for next year. Yup, I'm thinking way, way ahead.

What have you found?

I've checked out the shows I'd like to go to over summer. Martha Wainwright and Cat Power are playing the Opera House and Cyndi Lauper's coming to the State Theatre and I don't know where Lanie Lane is going to be but I'd like to see her too.

I don't watch telly much but if Thrift America was to launch an Aussie version, I'd be front and centre.

I did watch the Doctor Who Christmas special? It was good. Are you a fan?

Hmmm, what else? I can recommend stopping at the Super Strawberry outside Glen Innes. The folk there make a mean strawberry milkshake. Just the thing to revive one on an interstate Christmas road trip.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, speaking of road trips, I have booked a little trip to Melbourne with my sister in March (and will be visiting another new discovery, Milly Sleeping). Then I'll be travelling solo to Hobart soon after. Advice on what to see and do at either destination would be most welcome.

See you next year. ; )
Picture source: Sweet Paul magazine.

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  1. Happy New Year Kate, I have enjoyed your blog this year!

    and I have a few suggestions for Melbourne...I will get writing them down for you. You must go to Richmond Cafe and Larder and I like Barcelona tapas restaurant in St Kilda.

    See you in 2011, I will be in touch!

  2. Ooh, I'm going to see Cat Power at the Opera House! Looking forward to a fresh new start in 2011, hope yours is wonderful :)

  3. Happy New Year!

    I like fresh starts too, and I suspect that 2011 will be a super, fantastic year in comparison to 2010.

    Cheers to you!

    PS. I enjoyed the Doctor Who special (I've only recently watched the entire latest series, so Matt Smith is rather nice).

  4. Happy New Year!
    I did watch the Dr Who special - i needed a fix. Love the fish + fog a fresh start - need to see less blank pages though, as am up to eyeballs in sketchbook 2011 project..x

  5. Happy new year, I too am glad that 2010 is over and we can all start a fresh year. What to see in Melbourne... Savers! haha.... and the museum, and the laneways and arcades and gardens and Lost and Found market in Smith St and the Camberwell market ... I have lots of tips if you want to know about op shops (or actually probably just as easy to check this blog, I post on it sometimes too: )

  6. Wishing you all the best for 2011! Kellie xx

  7. happy new year Ms K!
    I agree with the others, definitely camberwell market & brunswick street & smith street fitzroy.

    I am going to see Cyndi Lauper in April, very excited about that one.

    hope the year has started well for you ♥