HOW did it get to the pointy end of the week again? Does anyone else feel like spring is slipping away and that before we know it, wham, b...

 HOW did it get to the pointy end of the week again? Does anyone else feel like spring is slipping away and that before we know it, wham, bam, thank you ma'am, it'll be summer... and dare I say it, Christmas?

The routine of working parents is such that by this time of the week I am already thinking through the menu of the following week so we can do the week's grocery shop. I try and find a moment to sit down with a few recipe books and decide on what we'll eat and make up a shopping list from that.

Last week, I turned back to old favourties and browsed through a pile of recipe clippings saved and stuck into journals. I do love these recipe books. They mark times when I was single, when the children were little and meals were simple and now recipes that are more wishful thinking than anything. They're the tastes and extravagances I crave but can't indulge because, in reality, we're catering for fussy dependents who have declared ethical and, more often than not, whimsical eating habits. Oh for a time when I cooked one meal and everyone ate it.

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  1. I have a simple menu list on a fortnightly rotation which I find really helps. So at the moment 1st sunday is roast and veg, mon pasta, tues risotto.etc. This way I have a starting point and I can just make changes seasonally.

  2. I have no idea where this week has disappeared to!?!?! It seems to have been a bit like that for a lot of people ... and I can't believe we've already made it to November. This year has certainly flown by!

    Meal time is complicated at the best of times, so having to manage several different dietary desires and needs must be extra challenging and a little frustrating ... I wonder whether things ever return to that sense of simplicity??

  3. ha ha ha
    Isn't it funny how time just flies?
    And as you grow and change and get maybe a little older, time flies so much faster?

    Little records of time spent, like journals and yes- recipe books- are so wonderful for keeping track of what you didn't know was leaving so soon.

  4. i'm really unsure where the time goes, i wish there was more of it.
    since i've been back at work, i've started doing a weekly menu and loving it, why i didn't do it before?
    i'm hoping the little one doesn't get fussy, at the moment she will eat anything i put in front of her, quite lucky really.

  5. My ones are little and I still have to cook multiple meals! I guess it's a little ambitious to hope that a 3 year old will eat lentil soup. Or anything other than protein and something white. Humph. But I do feel for you. I've started scanning and printing out fail-safe recipes from cookbooks and putting them in their own folder that I can just grab. Works pretty well; if I can get off my butt and scan the recipes. x