HEY, thanks for all the comments on my update of what I was reading . You've extended my reading wish-list, that's for sure. Do pick...

HEY, thanks for all the comments on my update of what I was reading. You've extended my reading wish-list, that's for sure. Do pick up a copy of The Big Issue next time you see a vendor selling them. The new issue is out now and a new issue comes out each fortnight.

So, how about this weather. Chilly, stocking clad legs, jackets and even umbrellas and now I'm in sandals and frocks, but still not leaving home without the brolly.

I kind of miss the stockings. I got into them for the first time this winter, mixing it up with the odd assortment of colours I'd find packaged - unopened, of course - and languishing at op shops. Man, I tells ya I am onto something. They're always gorgeous high-end numbers. Do people buy their fancy silks in bulk and then when the colour is out of favour, ditch 'em? I don't know, but listen up kids, there's gold in them there op-shops.

This pair are Christian Dior - ohhhh la la. I know! They are the most glorious pair of stockings I've ever worn. No sinking, no saggy crotch - come on, you know it's an issue - no bunching around the ankles, smooth as ... and they even have a little sewn in label and instructions on how to put them on, just in case you had misgivings.

Shame I snagged 'em on the first wear. I didn't say I was good with stockings. A little shabby and careless really. I've cut them into ribbons and they're now holding a couple of out of control star jasmines to their climbing posts. Waste not, want not. Good thing I paid $1 for them. Right?

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  1. I've only ever bought one pair of Christian Dior woollen tights, back when I was a labelled-worried teenager. A couple of decades later, I still have them and better still wear them!

  2. i bet you loved every minute of wearing them but more than that I bet you loved finding them possibly more than that and the joy will extend when you walk past your jasmine each day. Aaah. one dollar well spent. All those rich wasters are missing out!

  3. I bought a pair of Mary Quant silk tights in London in the '80s & they were a bit too big, by the time I'd walked across the concourse at Victoria Station, they'd rolled right down to my crotch. Such a good look.

  4. Oooh shame you snagged them. I can't wear tights at all, I always get that saggy crotch thing where it sits half way down my legs making me walk like a duck!

  5. I know what you mean, there are ALWAYS top brand stockings at op shops, but more often than not they are white sheer ones with strange motifs that would make my legs look diseased, so I haven't bought any. Always on the hunt for some with back seams so I can wear them in the racing season, but haven't got lucky with them yet.

  6. I love a fancy pair of stockings too. My sister aften buys them for me when she travels but I've not thought of looking in op-shops for them. I laughed when I got to the bit where they are now holding up the jasmine!

    BTW I have given up on The Brain That Changes Itself. I actually found it more depressing than uplifting especially the porn chapter!

  7. I love the way you talk!
    Such sweet little words, and so different :)

  8. Such a great find!

    I'm terrible with stockings too ... try as I might, I always seem to snag them on the first wear! I really hope one day I learn the secret of how not to snag!