WHAT are you reading? I have a few things on the go - quite literally. Most of my reading is done on the train commute to work. Every co...

WHAT are you reading? I have a few things on the go - quite literally. Most of my reading is done on the train commute to work.

Every couple of weeks I pick up The Big Issue. Have you read it lately? It gets better and better. I used to buy it from a vendor in Pitt St when I was in the city but rarely read it. Now I buy from a vendor near where I work and have been surprised to find myself reading more and more of it.

I am reading Doris Lessing's The Grass is Singing (1950) and Madeleine St John's The Women in Black as a book on CD. The first is a disturbing tale of a woman in rural South Africa during the 1950s and the second, also set in the 1950s, chronicles the lives of the women working in a Sydney department store - the store and post-war Sydney important characters in themselves.

I've also got to catch up on reading the Historic Houses Trust Sydney Open program and guide before Sunday when I will be manning entry and tours of the Societe Generale building in George St.

Then there's all your blogs. I've stumbled across so many new ones in recent weeks thanks in part to last week's ABCD meet (see the bookmark from the goodies bag) and new online offering Gifted Magazine.

Hope your bedside tables and favourites list are groaning with lovely words and pictures too.

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  1. Nice reads! Makes me want to curl up with a book all day!

  2. I'm reading Stephen Fry's new autobiography which is lovely and also dipping into 'The Brain That Changes Itself'. Fiction-wise someone has lent me 'The Shifting Fog' by Kate Morton and 'Case Histories' by Kate Atkinson so I'd best gwet onto them too. Thanks for the reminder about Madeline St John - I've been meaning to read her books too!

  3. I'm reading David Astle's book "Puzzled", which is somewhere between a bio & an instruction manual for crosswords. Fascinating!

  4. i love my train trip for the uninterrupted opportunity to devour words. I just finished "the river sutra' by gita mehta - beautiful. Am now reading 'Ox-Tales Water' - part of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water collection by Oxfam. Always reading 'Buddhsim for Mothers' and just finsihed 'The Birth Wars'.

    Hmmm, I'm also loving stopping into city bookstores on my way home and spending my pay. I thik everyone is getting abook from me this Chrissy! x

  5. I am not a "fiction" person...the facts please, just the facts...so, I am reading in no particular order (says she lying through her teeth)
    ISABELLA GOLIGHTLY...good stuff to which I am easily able to relate...also been known to read a few of her followers...particularly like BAINO'S BANTER & ALL TOILE & NO REWARD...perservering with CHEZ LARSON...enough to say I'm a 'person of colour'
    FLUID PUDDING...it's a long story, ever changing & always an excellent read
    GIRLS 2 BOYS 1....trials & tribulations of a once upon a time school teacher who now has the best husband in the world & 3 little pigs, er, kids
    FINSLIPPY...aka Alice in Wonderland I think...can be extremely everything, funny, mundane, sad etc, but never boring
    LAID OFF DAD...trying to raise 2 boys & work in a full time job & have a social life...Good luck

    So, KATIECRACKERNUTS I am now reading you...I like you if for no other reason than you're an op shop enthusiast...should be more of us!!!

  6. I have been loving the feeling I get after buying the big issue, a great read, but nothing beats how I feel after the little chat with the seller. He makes my day more than I make his.

    Have been picking random stuff from the library, so far, all bad. Latest disaster was The Manny. Bad, boring, far from funny which is what I was hoping for.

  7. looks like you have it all covered;) I think the big issue is a great read. I read a Lessing story about 15 years ago called "an old woman and her cat" about an old lady who squats in london and finds a friend in a stray cat - it made me cry and I still think about it from time to time. I just finished "a patch of blue" tonight and was really disapointed by the ending. Enjoy!

  8. I have just finished 'A vision of loveliness', a bbc read story, which was then developed into a by Louise Levene. It tells the story about a young women in the early sixties who enters the world of department store modelling by a chance encounter with an hermes crocodile bag. It's one of my favourite books this year, filled with vintage fashion and nostalgia,I highly recommend it,

  9. What a lovely post ... I love hearing about what people are reading, and you have a delightful list.

    People keep telling me how wonderful 'The Big Issue' is ... and I've been meaning to read it for ages ... if that is Don Draper on the cover, then I'm SO there with this issue!! :D