READERS who follow my very infrequent Twitter posts, or Facebook status updates, will know I am often boasting about my culinary skills –...

READERS who follow my very infrequent Twitter posts, or Facebook status updates, will know I am often boasting about my culinary skills – even though it’s apparently not the done thing. It’s not that the meals are fabulous, it’s just I am so damn chuffed at being so organised.

My partner and I share the cooking. I do Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I am relieved of my duties Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday is what I like to call “catch and kill”, or “hunt and gather”. Others in the household shudder at my caveman analogy and call it “free night”.

During the week I sit down and plan my three days – and some – of meals. Rather than being weighed down by the tedious task of preparing meals, I’ve taken it on as an exercise in creativity and thumb through recipe books and clippings to decide what we’ll eat. I make up a shopping list and on Sundays I do a big cook-up, usually cooking that night’s meal – with the only dessert of the week – and Monday night’s meal in one go. Planning ahead is cutting last minute dashes to the village supermarket to find missing ingredients and means we’ve got more time early in the week to get on top of other chores. It’s also cut about $40-$50 from the week’s grocery bill. Simple home economics, I know. It’s not rocket science.

Last week’s meals were eggplant parmigiana, a salmon pie, and stracceatella – a broth of chicken stock, rice, spinach, parmesan, olive oil and seasonings. The dessert was an apple crumble. This week it was caramelised chicken and coconut rice, a frittata of leek, capsicum and cheese served with a warm roast pumpkin and pesto pasta salad, and beef chow mein. The dessert was custard rice.

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  1. Impressive! I used to be that organized ... not quite sure what happened!

  2. Yum. And I love culinary organisation.

    As an aside, having our milk delivered twice a week by the local 'farmer' has also cut emergency dashes to the supermarket and lots of $$$ (because I always walk out with ten things plus the milk).

  3. God you're good! We have the same deal - I do about half the cooking and we have about one free night a week. I always feel like my effort is very poor though. M always comes up with restaurant quality meals and mine are usually a re-hash of what I always whip together. BUT tonight I did ok - organic lamb, rosemary and mint snags, potato and pumpkin mash with chopped carrot greens through it, steamed baby carrots with honey sauce and a watercress salad. Not bad for a work night if I do say so myself :)

  4. AnonymousJune 12, 2009

    eggplant parmigiana has to be one of the best foods on earth!!

  5. all sounds delish - such a lucky crew to b on receiving end of all that care & passion. no wonder u occassionally have a melt down and want to let it all slide.