REMEMBER the op shop challenge I took on to wear thrifted and recycled fashion to work for two weeks? It was part of a workplace initiat...

REMEMBER the op shop challenge I took on to wear thrifted and recycled fashion to work for two weeks? It was part of a workplace initiative to inspire people to cut their carbon footprint. Remember? Well, I am a finalist. Too true. I took the call yesterday. There are 10 finalists. I have won a Dell laptop and now have to extend my challenge to another two weeks to be in the running for the Toyota Prius.

I need your help. If you've read any good articles, in print or online, that quantify the carbon emissions produced by the clothing, textiles and footwear industries I'd be most appreciative. There's some good links that quantify the water used to produce a single white T-shirt, for example, but I'm after figures on carbon emissions. Ta heaps. So excited. Will share the plan for round two with you later this week. There's so much to catch you up on, like the weekend's adventures, a couple of tags and another pic or two from this month's road trip.

While on the subject of the road trip. The knitted vest (above) is the real deal. Handmade in pure wool and done in moss stitch. Who has the patience for moss stitch? The grey has a very soft rose fleck through it and picks up the colour it's worn with - for me that's mostly orange or red. It was $6 at Bargain Hunter, at Queanbeyan.

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  1. How very cool and exciting! Good luck

  2. Congrats on making it to the top ten!
    Alas I don't know where to find info on the carbon footprint for clothes.
    Hope you win the prius.

  3. How excellent! Congratulations on making it into the finals and best of luck.(The prizes are rather good)
    I do love a good vest and you have scored well with that grey knitted one!

  4. That vest is gorgeous!

    I work with people who teach in the textile, clothing & footwear industry (that's TCF to you) so I will see if they have any stats for you.

  5. That is FAB news. I was just wondering today how it was going!! Woot Woot! Congratulations. Keep it going.

    I'll definitely keep my eye out for articles for you.

    Love that vest - esp with that scarf. Beautiful. What a fab find.

  6. Congratulations! Are you now posting on the new Dell? I hope you'll be driving a new Prius soon too!

    Bargain Hunter at Queanbeyan! Yay! You made it there. Can't wait to read your post on the road trip. And pictures! It will definitely make me want to revisit those little towns with their fab op-shops again. x

  7. Well done doll, it is so great to see this kind of thing happening out there!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, the most handy resource I could think of would be that link I posted, but it's more for local Melbourne spots.
    If I come across anything I will swing it your way!


  8. What an awesome idea...I love your blog.

  9. this is so exciting!!! (I just deleted the bit where I say "i'm gonna pee my pants". But then I didn't, did i. delete it, i mean. )

    I couldn't be more thrilled with this whole challenge, and look at your fab op shop find! that cardi is perfect in every way, so is the whole outift combo. I'll keep a look out for articles for you.


    PS on a totally unrelated and possibly uninteresting note, I went to Queanbeyan high school! Well, to be truthful I was never physically there as I did correspondence for year 9, when I was living in Italy. But I loved my teachers, it was in fact one of the best school years I ever had. It all went down hill from there. Shout out to Queanbeyan high!

    PPS I also had a penpal from there in grade 2. or was that bega. hmm, I can't remember now. going more than 20 years back in time for me isn't one of my strong points.

  10. yayyyy goodluck...Op Shop Queen!

  11. O My gosh, that's such a cool thing to be a champ of! You champ!

    Good luck in the finals! I'll be sending my Op Shop luck vibes your way!!!!! :D

  12. Katie,
    I am loving your op shop challenge... I hope you win! you should:) I love this knitted vest.

  13. Congratulations! Sending you all my "Hybrid-car-winning" vibes (hope it's not too late). Love those handknitted things, but have stopped buying them because;

    a. I now live in the land without winter
    b. I never wear them

    The little dude has a fine array of op-shopped hand knits though!

  14. i'm right into hand knitted jumpers right now, that's a lovely one. wow how cool u r in in the top 10 and so u should be. well done u r a super star op shopper and with a super world saving attitude behind the thrifty glam facade. i'm rooting 4 u! xxx