I AM sure I’ ve mentioned I work for News Limited . Yes, publisher of The Daily Telegraph and The Australian , and in my case the Central...

I AM sure I’ve mentioned I work for News Limited. Yes, publisher of The Daily Telegraph and The Australian, and in my case the Central Coast Express Advocate. I edit the entertainment liftout, Alive, and do a variety of editorial tasks. Stick with me here, it’s all relevant.

Anyhoot, News Limited is committed to cutting carbon emissions across its operations and last week, by way of its 1degree initiative, launched a competition for employees – the prize a Toyota Prius. All one has to do is pledge to take up a personal environmental action, for a period of two weeks, and explain how it cuts carbon emissions. My pledge is pretty simple, shameless really. I have pledged to wear thrifted finds, head to toe, for two weeks. So far, so good, except for a store-bought T-shirt here and there.

I sometimes discover I’ve worn an entire outfit of op shop buys by happy accident but have never set myself the task of doing it deliberately. It’s been quite fun and I can’t wait to share more pictures from my entry – and as far as the rant on cutting carbon emissions, don’t get me started. (I’m sure I’d be preaching to the converted anyway, right?)
Pictures: Courtesy News Limited.

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