GLASGOW gal Sara, of Tattie and Co ., has a great eye for easy to wear style. I love that she’s ratting through her cupboard each morning ...

GLASGOW gal Sara, of Tattie and Co., has a great eye for easy to wear style. I love that she’s ratting through her cupboard each morning - coffee cooling on the counter and clock ticking down to her arrival at work - while she looks for the perfect ensemble to carry her through the day.

Mia Freedman and Richard Glover were chatting on drive-time radio this week about whether it was OK to pilfer someone’s style. Apparently Marianne Faithful had had a dig at Kate Moss for stealing her look – what the? Our Mia thought the whole thing a hoot and confessed to being too lazy to throw a look of her own together, happily borrowing the style of glam friends.

Sadly, I don't think Mia would want to adopt my op shop chic - cough, cough. Maybe she can head over to Tattie and Co. for guidance, or check out a recent post from Thrift Candy. While my look was close, I don't think I've managed the glamour of Tattie and Co.'s find (above), sourced from My Tangerine Man.

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  1. That pic above looks so Boy George circa 1984-5 don't you think? I keep hearing Karma Chameleon in my head when I look at that outfit.

  2. Those pics are COOL. Stripes are always great, and I also love hats as well as Victorian-style shoes.

  3. 1 i'd be stoked (yes stoked) if you share my post

    2 those pants are wonderful! i feel cheery looking at that color. and the shoes...

  4. I have just discovered your incredibly awesome blog. I love it. I really do. Now following.


  5. Aw I cried at the ending too but how good is the story!! I haven't found one I have loved as much! Oh and of course you can have my style, I'll package it up and send it to you upside down first class!! hehe

    Sara x

  6. Awesome look and I am now convinced that I need to find myself a mustard yellow pair! So great with the black and white stripes too, she's like a bumble bee with kickass style ;)