WE have been in the “Povo House” for five years now. The children’s name for our modest house was coined because it didn’t measure up again...

WE have been in the “Povo House” for five years now. The children’s name for our modest house was coined because it didn’t measure up against the McMansions their friends lived in.

The Povo House has been one of those renovation projects that stops and starts as time, energy and funds allow. We’ve got the kitchen and front lounge room left to paint. We’ve been waiting until the job’s done to put up the artworks, but with last week's heat and more rain than we’ve had in past years I was worried the paintings would be mould affected. Sadly, some were. What’s not we’re hanging, even though the walls are scratched and marked and not yet the right colour.

The children have died a thousand deaths at the triptych of three sketch book pastels by Mudgee artist Rachel Flynn. One, 20, averts her eyes when she walks into the house and the boy, 15 – despite us having found girlie mags hidden in his room a little more than a year ago – said he can never bring friends to the house again. The two artists aren't fussed, though don’t like where they’re hanging. Even a dear friend looked at them and said they’ve got to go. She too believes the living room is no place for nudity.

Come on, is this prudish thinking, or is she right? Where should the life drawing sketches – bought at a primary school art auction, no less – go?

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  1. I don't have a problem with the rudie nudies.
    Apart from the fact they have artistic merit and simply look good . . . they are not raunchy or in-your-face at all. I'm sure you'd see much more - and less tastefully - on TV or at the cinema.
    I'm not a prude but I'm much more taken aback with a HUGE print which hangs in the lounge room at my in-laws. It is a Victorian bedroom scene with four-poster bed and a man and woman - the man pulling down the woman's pantaloons and groping her bottom! Maybe your children would like to critique it for me! Then they can go downstairs to the converted garage which houses a bar, snooker table and three walls plastered in Playboy centrefolds from the 70s and 80s. This is the same area where they entertain the neighbourhood each year when they have open house drinks on Christmas Day.
    I think the children's responses are to be expected . . . it's the age they're at.
    One upside - at least you're less likely to play host to the 15-year-olds friends!
    Enjoy the serenity - and your artworks.

  2. My stepfather was an artist, so along with the watercolour landscapes, we had a wide assortment of similar nudes scattered throughout the house. I can honestly say that as a teenager I never gave them a second thought!

  3. i love these kind of sketches, my sister has some that she did when she attended life drawing classes - they are quite elegant!
    i love that room - so much light!!

  4. oh, keeping up with the kid's friends is tough. I took one of my kids to a play date today and thought SHEESH! we are definately on a different page.

    As for the nudies, I like them, I think they add a nice touch to the bedroom. I do remember going to dad's place and feeling a little put out by all the mirrored nudes reclining over sports cars type of scenes. again a different page.

  5. I'm all for keeping your tasteful pics of the bod up on the wall where they are. Some people just don't know where to look when they see art like this. I don't get it. Advertising at tram stops can be more confronting that these! I love Nikker's story about the pic at her in-laws though. Made me giggle.

  6. They look great! I am inspired to frame a few I did myself now I have seen yours. What a brilliant way to keep smelly teenage boys out of the house! Oh..and you wouldnt believe this, but the word verification below (so I can leave this comment) is "penus". hee hee hee

  7. I think the votes, thus far, are for them staying. Thanks. Was starting to question my idea of good and bad taste.

  8. i love nudes, and they look wonderful! but can see how it's hard for the teens to stomach them. if you love them, keep them up!

  9. Leave them where they are and let the commentary continue I say - generates great discussion.

  10. Damn missing out on Bird Textiles - I'm itching to get over there, in fact I think I'm just itching to get out of Hobart and get a bit of big city action. Had better make some more jewels!

  11. 'povo house' makes me laugh! those poor teens so full of hormones! its a hard one - educational for them to see real womens bodies rather than the re-touchd plastic ones normally in the public eye. i used to be embarassed to bring friends round cause my house was full of 70's decorating and no mod con's when my peers had 80's pastels and insinkerators. a little stunting socially. maybe they could be in a less public place in the house? its a shame, they look gorgeous to me xx

    oh btw i've tagged u

  12. hehehe, I'm tickled that it's even an issue. I think they look very elegant, not at all "povo". Photographs (artistic or not) would be more confronting, or even an oil painting, but I think sketches are another thing entirely. I think they're beautiful.

    And at least they take the focus of your kid's embarrassment off the house, hehehe.

  13. I used to work at Black+White magazine so there are loads of nude photos around our house - I think they're fine in the living room (and I grew up with my mum's feral Norman Lindsay etchings of Pan rooting big chunky naked ladies and orgies with centaurs and whatnot, those kids have no idea!).

    I've got a couple of big photos of a girl which people always think is me. Yeah right - nude pictures are one thing, but nude pictures of myself in the living room? Definitely not!