MONDAY morning. What a morning. I missed my ferry. I got to the wharf to watch it pushing off into the channel. I jumped and yelled and wav...

MONDAY morning. What a morning. I missed my ferry. I got to the wharf to watch it pushing off into the channel. I jumped and yelled and waved my arms, as did a complete stranger who was rooting for the ferry to turn about and pick me up. The stranger said, "call 'im, 'e'll turn about". So I did, and he did. I can actually say I've stopped public transport and had it come back for me. I am guessing few could say that. He was so sweet, a little scuffle over the times our watches said and he, being a good sport and all for saving a damsel in distress, allowed me aboard.

I caught my train, my plane and the SkyBus into Melbourne and just as I thought things were going a little better, my Mum, who was also my travelling companion on this trip, turned to me and said, "did you pick up those books from the seat pocket". No Mum. I did not. The books were the Melbourne Design Guide and the Deck of Secrets Shopping Secrets Melbourne. Poop. We'd been looking through them and making plans about what we'd do that afternoon. The seat pocket was on the plane. The back of 10C on a Virgin flight from Sydney to Melbourne to be exact. Oh well, at least I had my wallet, pyjamas and a toothbrush. Well, my wallet and a toothrbush. My pyjamas? I'd packed two pyjama tops - no bottoms. OK. So I was very tired after a full weekend of camping with the Guide unit and didn't really pay much attention to my packing. It wasn't life threatening, so we just went with it.

The NGV International was the perfect host for the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Art Deco exhibition. It was marvellous. The trip was lovely. Just a day and a bit but enough to potter with my mum, catch up on news, chatter, explore boutiques, eat yummy food and simply soak up each other and a destination we both love. Thanks Ma. Thank Dad for me too.

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  1. how cool the ferry came back! lucky for you...sounds like a great trip, ive been meaning to get down to Melbourne, hopefully soon!

  2. You have been busy, busy having fun!
    I think I prefer hanging out in the lane ways of melbourne rather than camping but glad the weather was good and the ferry came back!

  3. i went with my mum in August too. Forgot my PJs all together!

    It's nice to go on holidays with your mum. Trammed it passed the Art Deco exhibition and wished I'd had another day to explore.

  4. hehehe, Ferries aren't easy contraptions to stop either!

    Your trip sounds like good FUN!!!!

  5. You're a natural storyteller... and have super powers. I've never seen anyone hail down a departing ferry before! I would've loved to have seen that.