THAT'S me to the right, pre-haircut . I look a little manic. I think I was just about to give up on the camera taking the picture and, ...

THAT'S me to the right, pre-haircut. I look a little manic. I think I was just about to give up on the camera taking the picture and, bam, it did. I'm with my sister. We look the same and different. We are the same and different. After three days together in Melbourne I shed a little tear on the flight home because I already missed her. She lives in Brisbane and me near Sydney and we ran away from our respective familial duties to kick up our heels south of the border. You might have followed my updates on Twitter and Facebook. There were a few funny moments, girlie moments, food, fashion and frolic moments.

I've been asked about my favourite places in Melbourne. Honestly, do you need to know? No one has trouble finding places to eat and shop in Melbourne, but because you asked - you in particular - here's my picks from the three days.

Easy 15, Elwood: The borek, spinach and fetta cheese in filo pastry served with tzatziki and lemon wedges hit the spot for a light lunch and the coffee was top notch.
Bear Brass, Southbank: Oh man, if someone can tell me how the dressing on the roasted beetroot salad is made, you'd be in my good books for life. And those honey walnuts. To. Die. For.
Cafe No.5, Centre Pl, Melbourne: We splurged on breakfast at a couple of great places but this one was my favourite for a top, on-the-premises, freshly-baked muffin and, again, great coffee.
De Clieu, Fitzroy: My fermented lentil and rice pancake and potato curry was D.E.L.I.S.H.
The Deanery, Bligh Pl, Melbourne: Fabulous cellar and a smooth-as squid ink ravioli, with tomato, seaweed and citrus sauce.

I could go on and on and on and on about vintage and second-hand scores in Melbourne. I did bring home extra kilos but, for me, was reasonably restrained. My top picks were:
Sheila Vintage, Brunswick St, Fitzroy: Don't dismiss the $10 rack out the front. I picked up a sassy "Made in France", dress with an '80s-does-'50s vibe that I'll be rocking this winter. I was tempted by a very early Cue-branded piece. The label was a little bit "Pina Colada" - a label I rarely see in op shops, so I'm thinking it was a pretty early Cue piece. At $10 I probably should have grabbed it.
Currency, Brunswick St, Fitzroy: My sister and I had words about what I bought here. Let's just say we agreed I would never, under any circumstance, wear this out if she was going to be with me. Come on, there's nothing wrong with a purple angora jumper dress with cowl neck you could drown in.
Peter Sheppard Footwear, Collins St, Melbourne: I defy anyone who loves shoes not to find something here. It's an emporium of gorgeous, beautifully-made shoes. I bought boots and have had miles of compliments on them already.
Muff, Degraves subway: I'm not sure whether I've got the name of this store right, but it's a teeny tiny vintage collection from which I bought alligator brogues. They bear a David Jones label in the insole and are in beautiful condition. I can't help imagine who bought them and where they were worn. They were clearly an expensive shoe in their time - maybe the 1940s - and so carefully looked after.

There's many, many more but these were my favourites and remembered because I brought goodies home from them.

As for where we stayed, The Victoria Hotel, in Little Collins St, will always get my vote. It's well-priced, clean, comfortable and walking distance to everything.
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  1. love your blog, I'm following!

    I've got a CHANEL GIVEAWAY here... would love you to enter:


  2. I very much love '80's does 50's'
    I scored a glassons does 80's does 50's dress last year.
    It was exciting

  3. oh i need a trip to Melbourne - i havnt been in SO long!! so much seems to be going on down there all the time!
    Im not going to ABCD blogger meet up tonight, ive got a dinner to go to - hope to attend the next one!!

  4. Yes, hair rollers do add class.

    Thanks heaps for the comment, it means a lot :)

  5. makes me want to mark a date so i can run off to melbourne with my sister, its been a few years.

  6. good to "see" you!
    wow, you have done soo much in Melbourne, I don't know most of those places.
    not visited Sheila vintage..ooh, must go there.

  7. And I have just moved to Fitzroy North, thank you for this post! How is the central coast? Missing me, I am sure...

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