STILL musing , and I’ve decided I am just feeling a bit flat, maybe a bit tired. Daylight s l aving does get to me. I rise early and that ...

STILL musing, and I’ve decided I am just feeling a bit flat, maybe a bit tired.

Daylight slaving does get to me. I rise early and that one-hour earlier knocks me about. I’m working hard to keep creative juices flowing, but it’s hard. You know how it is - I’m not complaining, just sayin’. In putting all my energies to one thing, other things have to slip. So the creative cooking, running, swimming and gardening have fallen behind. I’m up there in the staples of working and family life, but I’d like to say I was better at juggling all the things hanging a little lower down the priority list. They’re there to make the heart sing, right? Well my heart’s singing a funeral dirge at the moment.

I did have a good crack at lifting myself from the slump last week and knocked up a pearl barley and mushroom risotto from this book. It looked great, smelled pretty good, but tasted, well, like pearl barley. The family was not keen.

The harvest hummus from fresh365 was better, for me at least. The recipe is here, but given the tahini was well past its use-by date I snuck in some peanut butter and a splosh of sesame oil. I also used only one 400g tin of chickpeas and instead of cilantro and red pepper flakes, I substituted a good splosh of Tabasco. The carrots were, of course, my own. All good.

PS: This post is dedicated to Pip and her grief-stricken culinary prowess.

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  1. I know what you mean about tired! I have been from suncream to beanies so many times this spring I have whiplash - that is my exhaustion point. All that chopping and changing has made the kids grumpy and sickly - I almost look forward to plain old bleedin' hot for weeks.. um maybe not now i think about it - but come on - beanies and woolen hoodies?

  2. That risotto looks very healthy! I luuuuuurve mushroom risotto ... along with a white wine!

  3. If you're after a suitable funeral dirge to go along with the mood, then try Nimrod. Or it could just be the way the Mr hums it.

    In my house, once a kid hits three, they refuse to let a pearl of barley pass their lips.

  4. Love your creative recipe substitutions. I'm a big fan of doing the same and avoiding a dash to the shops!

  5. i so get the food = pick me up thing. I had the best breakfast the other day. Out not in. But it was so good I want to be able to make something like it at gave me such a lift in my day. creamed corn with chilli, poached egg and garlic soldier toasts.

    this time of year the heat really saps me of energy. I have decided to end work until term 2 when the kids are settled at school and I am sick of being a domestic goddess!