THE News Limited 1degree Op Shop Challenge has been judged and of the 10 finalists, I wasn't the overall winner. I did keep amazing ...

THE News Limited 1degree Op Shop Challenge has been judged and of the 10 finalists, I wasn't the overall winner. I did keep amazing company though and tonnes, let me say it again, tonnes, of CO2 emissions were saved.

Thank you all for your contributions and I’m keen to keep the challenge going on a less frenetic scale. I’ve got some sweet op shop finds to show off and am going to make a dedicated effort to do some more drawings of my finds. I’ll keep the list of op shop challenge bloggers on my sidebar. To be listed there, please link to a post from the op shop challenge week and give me a heads up on your own post.

In the meantime, these are just some of the great resources found while hunting for challenge stats. How’s this one found on the Peppermint Magazine website. I’d been bellyaching about not having dry clothes over the past fortnight. Knowing a dryer emits 3kg CO2 for every wash, I guess I won’t be buying one. And this: 700,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill in Britain each year.

Along the waste not, want not line, Planet Green advocates being selective in your purchases and buying second hand. The Ethical Fashion Forum supports sustainable practices in the clothing, footwear and textile industries and its site contains great links, tips and facts for industry and consumers.

Over here freelance journalist Amanda Ryan has written a great piece on how to avoid the pitfalls – not that there are many – of buying second hand clothing.

Lastly, take a squiz at Eco Fashion World and Abigail Doan’s blog Ecco Eco.

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  1. Thank you for the link! I'm about to embark on a re-decorating binge, so I see lots more op shopping and re-purposing in my future!

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    What a shame my imaginating of you pootling around op-shops in your shiny Prius didn't help! Wahhh you didn't win but have loved following your journey.

  3. Congrats on getting so far! Watching your journey has been great! Love the picture, btw - you look great!

  4. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Some great links thanks.
    700,000 tonnes to landfill in just Britain alone! That is scarry! What a sad sad waste.


  5. hello missy! i have a question... how do i get that old op shop smell off clothes??? there must be a special way, because no matter how many times i wash it it still smells.

  6. Bummer you didn't emerge the winner. Please take as consolation that you have heightened a bit of awareness and inspired a second thought (and more op shoppery) amongst your readership!

  7. i think u have championed a very topical & worthwhile cause. your links show just how much interest there is in this area, its a grassroots way to take on climate change. everyone on the planet (just about) gets dressed every morning, imagine how much of an impact it would have if we all wore recycled clothes?!! i rekkon u r on a big winner of a topic and hope u remain passionate, i've really enjoyed coming on the op shop challenge journey with you. btw you look fabulous in that photo, i get the feeling u secretly have a thing for the spotlight!

  8. shame you didn't win, but you're winning another race and that is to inspire others with you eco fashion and not to mention all the other great eco tips.

  9. Bravo Kate! Sorry you didn't win but...it's been a mighty fun journey!

  10. Champion! It's been amazing to watch, and I've seen so many people inspired by your quest over the past month! Good on you!

  11. well done - you did great!!!
    you've inspired us thats for sure! off to check out the links...