I READ about the Oxfam Exchange for Change in Dumbo Feather Pass It On . It fits with the op shop challenge thing, don’t you think? It’s...

I READ about the Oxfam Exchange for Change in Dumbo Feather Pass It On. It fits with the op shop challenge thing, don’t you think? It’s more about finding a second life for clothing you may no longer wish to have in your wardrobe, but could be fabulous in someone else’s.

Soooo, me thinks, if I get enough Sydney and Central Coast and Newcastle bloggers interested we could meet and do a bring-a-plate, bring-a-hamper-of-clothing Exchange for Change event. I’ll find a Girl Guide hall somewhere, trust me I’m good for those kind of things. The Oxfam campaign is to be launched in September and I’m keeping an eye on developments. Who knows, someone may have done the hard yards in organising a time and place and we’ll just need to strap our boots on and skate along. I will keep you posted, but in the meantime comment and let me know if you’re sweet on the idea.

While thinking all the way ahead to September, here’s this week’s second op shop challenge tip of the day.

TIP #2: Know your seasons. Blogs like The Satorialist and Garance Dore are great for showing how people wear the season’s looks. Be it blogs or magazines, get a feel for what the season’s trends are and when op shopping keep an eye out for pieces that will sit nicely with them. Op shops are filled with fads that have had their day, but we all know these fads come back around in some guise or another.

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  1. I am so glad that i found your blog. I am soooo into thrift shops, I even introuced by husband to them. We never go past on without a quick look. They are great for his work shirts and pants to wear on the farm, it saves us heaps of money and for some kids clothes too. It's also great for pillowcases that can be used for so many things - bags, quilting etc.

  2. hey katie, absolutely, this sounds perfect! hopefully some other people think it's a good idea too.

  3. What a wonderful idea Kate! Can't wait to hear how it goes..

  4. ohh great idea, wish i was up there to take part. btw am itching to get into an op shop but haven't made it yet, i may be a late entry this week but will defo get there

  5. Just found your blog - through various linking. If you have it in Sydney somewhere I'd definitely be in!

  6. I'm in if you hold it in Sydney! Wouldn't mind visiting Newcastle again, though (if the boyfriend is willing to drive me there).

    I don't know if you know but a couple of enterprising girls have been throwing clothing exchange parties around Sydney for some time now... http://www.clothingexchange.com.au/Site/Home.html. x