I HAVE had this project in my head for a while now. Keen bloggers have been prodding me to gussy up and show pics of me in my op shop finds...

I HAVE had this project in my head for a while now. Keen bloggers have been prodding me to gussy up and show pics of me in my op shop finds. There are so many excuses, much of them to do with the fact that when I am looking my best I am racing out the door to beat the worst of the school traffic I encounter on the way to work. By the time I get home, the light’s gone and I’m into the evening’s dinners, washing, planning Guide programs, and I’d like to say homework help but the children are not the studious type.

I have always loved paper dolls and have set about creating a series of dolls sporting my op shop finds. I can draw the pics whenever I find a moment - usually while watching late night television- and without having to wrestle with a tripod or take the pics in the middle of a small house with people faffin' about. I don’t think I’m quite as tall as I’ve made myself and am a bit embarrassed to be showing off my smalls but you can cut and paste the outfits as you see fit.

Now for the clobber. The denim vest is being trotted out quite a bit. I’ve had my eyes peeled for a cute 1980s denim vest – possibly cropped – for some months now. I have found a few good ones but the cropped jackets made me look shorter than I am. This one’s all about the length. I pair it with a Colorado brand skirt bought some years ago. It's an oldie but a goodie and I've previously mentioned it here.

The dress was tucked away among a pile of mutton sleeve wedding dresses. Does anyone think the mutton sleeve wedding dress will ever make a comeback? I was feeling really bummed. My op shop nose was twitching but after 20 minutes of rummaging I remained empty handed. The pressure was on. A mother and her fashionista daughter were also scouting through the racks. I quite literally gave the mutton sleeves a playful whack and was ready to call it a day when lo and behold I spied a flash of black polyester. Nose on full twitch I wrenched the mutton sleeves to the side and there she was. I swear there was an audible gasp from the fashionista and her ma. I snatched my find, marched off to the dressing room and though the belt is significantly tighter than the rest of the dress – could it have been altered to the size four waist for a child – I honoured my nose and forked over the $5 for it. Waa la .

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  1. God you're bringing back memories with talk of cropped '80's denim vests! I had one I lived in for about 5 years and it even had some denim braiding on the front. Don't know where it's gotten to actually....
    Great paper doll drawings!

  2. I don't know about the mutton sleeve dress ever making a comeback, but boy oh boy does that vest look fantastic on you. And the skirt. And I imagine the dress. I love finds like that. I think they're the best ones, when you're just about to give up - et voila- you trump everyone else. I love the audible sigh.

  3. What a cool idea! Worth making into a book - an illustrated year in the life of op-shop queen katiecrackernuts! Love it all the vest rocks and the dress is amazing - excellent thrift scores. I can see a big future for your new model xxxx

    ps thanks for lovely comments over at home girl HQ and hope u are coping with your big load

  4. eeek, that past was so exciting. my heart was beating reading it... that race to find THE good thing while someone else was on the hunt too!

  5. oh i love your paperdoll illustrations - ive always been a paper doll fan! what a cute idea! hey you need to take me OpShopping...i usually head to the ornaments and books - would love to experiment with do so well!

  6. Nice outfit:) Love the paper dolls. What a great idea.

  7. Brilliant idea, I always mean to do make my own paper dolls but I am just too lazy... this is brill!!! great idea...

  8. aahh the thrill of the hunt!
    that vest looks great on you by the way.

  9. I thought of you today while doing a bit of op shopping in my lunch break, I snap up a dress before you could get to it, I do think you have all the op shop luck but today a score the most beautiful dress, way to big but I can alter it to fit.
    Yes, I would like to see more of your op shop outfits.

  10. What a great idea I love paper dolls. Wished I'd thought of it.
    I had my birthday last Sunday and got the best paper doll cutout book ever. There is a whole series of paper doll cutouts from 20's, 30's etc. I got the 1930's one and is absolutely gorgeous. Although, I don't want to ever use them. Must do a post about it, you'll love it.

  11. My gods! Great minds think alike!

    I've actually started on a project to make a paperdoll of my self - both for myself and for my nieces, since I'll be off to Japan sometime this year, and I want to continue my influence over my sister's brood. That and I want to copy my wardrobe, something I'm increasingly proud of every week.

    Keep up with it!!