You won't have to hunt for very long, or very hard, to find gifts for every member of the family from your local op shops. Be creative, ...

You won't have to hunt for very long, or very hard, to find gifts for every member of the family from your local op shops. Be creative, wrap them beautifully, add a personal note about why you chose the item and your gift will be well remembered.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas classic book titles


Book lovers will adore that you've picked out summer reading choices for them. Op shops are stashed to the rafters with great titles. Choose a handful with a theme, bundle them together with a ribbon and add a home made bookmark.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas pottery mug


Whether it's a sturdy, pottery mug or a delicate cup and saucer, make a selection from the many on offer. As an added bonus fill it with home made rum balls, shortbread or fancy store-bought teabags.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas foraged beads


Op shops are a treasure trove of beads, bangles and other beautiful accessories. Red Cross stores, in particular, have a wide array of old-stock, new necklaces, earrings, bags, hats and sunglasses. 

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas silk scarf


I defy you to enter an op shop or two and not find a scarf for a scarf-loving friend. Do take a good look at the scarf before taking it to the counter. Some bear stains that may not easily wash out. Check too if the scarf is silk or nylon. I find natural fibres like silk, cotton and wool wash better. Polyester and nylon scarves tend to retain smoke or perfume smells from the original owner. 

For the fellas, why not take a look at the tie rack. The same rules apply. Investigate the fabric for stains or rents in the fabric and check the fabric. Hand wash and iron your choice and gift it to your retro-loving friend.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas vintage pillow slips


These are always fun and can be surprisingly hard to find. But, if you have a vintage-loving friend, pretty floral slips are a fun gift that will definitely be used. I always give thrifted pillow slips, tea towels, tablecloths or doilies a soak in Napisan, or similar, with a lid of bleach added to the bucket. Leave them to soak, followed with a wash on a regular cycle and good airing to dry. 

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas yarn stash


You may have to hunt for this, or log onto Ravelry, but a stash of yarn will be adored by any knitter or crochet fiend. 

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas pottery bowl


This is, hands down, the most versatile Christmas gift you could give. Drop a gorgeous pair of earrings into a bowl or a selection of chai blend teabags. What about filling it with salted nuts or Smarties? Add a favourite dip and box of crackers. Fill it with tubers or bulbs from the garden. The options are endless. 

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas childrens books


Hunt op shops for a classic children's tale or nostalgic nod to your childhood favourite. I can always find a Little Golden Book, Beatrix Potter or classic like Heidi or Wind in the Willows.

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com.au || thrifty christmas classic toys


We have a number of baskets of second-hand toys - all of them hardy classics, like blocks, wooden diggers and trucks, Matchbox cars or rag dolls and bears. There's even a second-hand dolls house where scrounged Peppa Pigs and other such characters live. There's also the magic of giving a child $5 or $10 and letting them hunt the op shop themselves. What joy!

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  1. Great suggestions and really beautiful finds too Katie! Not all of my peeps appreciate op shop finds but some do...I have just added some thrift-ed Jolliffe's Outback cartoons to my Christmas stash, found in very god condition. This whole scenario is so much more meaningful and fun than lining up with bulk plastic and packaging in the shopping centres, isn't it? Happy thrifting.

  2. Oh Katie, I adore op shopping and donate far more than I buy (we're in the throes of decluttering)! I've done the thrifty gift thing with some of my friends, but sadly offended rather than pleased. A lovely post, with some great ideas. Many thanks.

    1. Liz, so sorry to hear your friends are not into your thoughtful, carefully curated gifts. I have to admit, I pick my audience carefully. I never wrap, but usually add something pretty. For a cute pottery mug I might fill with some home baked shortbread and pop a ribbon around it, or add a nice packet of tea. Vases, I'll pick flowers from the garden or a big fat bunch of fresh herbs. A nice soap or hand cream or home made lavender bag will top a pile of thrifted linen. What's not to love?