THE work Christmas party is tomorrow and I've already started handing out cards and gifts to friends I know I won't see...

THE work Christmas party is tomorrow and I've already started handing out cards and gifts to friends I know I won't see again until the new year. Christmas is definitely here, and I can't say I am as organised as I'd like to be, but it's been busy and I am not going to beat myself up about it. What's the point? Where's the 'merry' and 'joy' in that? 

What I am all about, a mere two weeks from Christmas, is quick and easy holiday ideas that offer maximum impact. We're talking, a 'just do it' approach, rather than and 'over-think it' debacle.

While Pinterest is offering a great deal of Christmas splendour, I think I may be the only person who's consciously self-editing for anything that requires more than what I have in the cupboard, or, in one case, more than a knub of Blu-Tac. 

THINGS TO MAKE AND DO: Seriously, it's way, way easier to pick up a roll or two of wrapping paper as you pass through the checkout, but as I am not even passing through check outs at the moment - all shopping comes to me home delivered at the moment - this seems like a good 'I made it myself' option. I do kinda like it as wall art too.

THINGS TO COOK AND EAT: Five ingredients, three of which you smoosh together, one you drop and roll the ingredients into and the other you wedge into it. BAM! I'm done

THINGS TO DROP DOUGH ON: The work Christmas do has the theme "I Can't Believe I Wore That". It's a cute theme where we have to track down, and wear, our fashion faux pas. That's easier said than done so I've gone for the simpler option of a frock reminiscent of my childhood.

If I had found a shorts like this I would have come a good deal closer to the party theme. The thing is, and now here's the honest truth, if I had found a pair of shorts like these, I'd have worn them, legitimately, party theme or no party theme. I think it's pretty fair to say the fashion faux pas of my youth are pretty much still being played out today.  

THINGS TO HANG ON THE WALL: Are you getting Christmas cards? I've had one. (Thanks Mel). If you are, would you go all out and make a permanent space on the wall for them? Think how easy this would be each year. Pass me a paint roller, and then the Blu-Tac.

#flashback: Christmas prep was very much the subject of my posts this time last year. In fact, last year looks a lot like this year

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  1. i could never even back in the day pulled off those short!

    assuming those nut balls are some kind of mini rosemary cheese ball. want.

    i've got 1 card so far. i swear i'm going to get mine done this weekend.
    i'm so bad about sending them the last few years which is shit because when i pulled the box out i had many addressed and signed. all i had to do was mail them and didn't!
    i shake head at self.

    1. I sent my cards, finally, yesterday. Here's hoping they get to all places in time. And you so could have worn those shorts. You could rock 'em now.

  2. These are so good! Wow, I love that simple stamp idea; so clever. Thanks a lot for sharing these :)

    1. Glad you approve. Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is gorgeous. Will be lurking there a little more over the holiday break.

  3. Love the stamp, the shorts, the pretzel stick thingys and the attitude in general. Must remember to channel the 'don't beat myself up' vibe. Merry Christmas!

    1. It's all about the attitude, right? For sure you should be channeling the 'don't beat myself up' vibe. You have a great Christmas too.

  4. Lovely ideas! Enjoyed browsing through your posts. I too love doing crafts and got some new ideas to implement now :)