MY past few Saturdays have been spent hanging out at the most glorious community garden, with the most glorious people and learning...

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MY past few Saturdays have been spent hanging out at the most glorious community garden, with the most glorious people and learning about permaculture design.

It's a course of study I've wanted to do for years but it's a big time commitment - essentially two solid weeks, or, as I am doing, every Saturday up until the end of the year. I've put it off, claiming I could do better things with that time, but even though there are plenty of other things competing for my attention, I am thrilled to have signed on. Class days are spent outdoors sharing packed lunches, cups of tea and baked treats; getting your hands dirty; stretching the grey matter with a little biology, chemistry, ecology, research and analysis; and, working with like-minded people who all want to save the world not add to its problems.

And it's made me look. Like, Really Look. Not just at my own back yard but further afield and consider the principles of permaculture as they apply to my work, my workplace, my volunteerism and my family. I'm buzzing with ideas to share and tapping into my creative side, which has always needed a little external stimulus to get me really going.

It's even made me drag the pencils out - something I haven't done for two years. maybe more. During class I take photos and listen, and maybe knit rounds of a new project I've started on, but when I come home I pull it all together with pictures and dot-points of what I've learned

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || permaculture class notes week one

katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com || permaculture class notes week two

What new things are you learning, or yearning to learn?
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  1. This sounds wonderful in so many ways Katie, I love your class notes!

    Just yesterday I was talking to my daughter (8) about us both learning to crochet. A project for next winter perhaps? Happy Sunday to you.

  2. LOVE!!!! they should use your notes for teaching the class! seriously!
    fantastic class you are in! i would love it!

    i have a set of recipe books i have been writing and illustrated with funny little doodle drawings for the past 4 yrs. it's the legacy for our (combined) 5 children... we are spending their inheritance on traveling. lol!

    hmmm i haven't taken on any new skills lately.
    right now focusing on my sewing for the holidays, i just don't dare pick up a new skill as i tend to go off into obsession mode with a new interest and nothing else will get done.

    i yearn to learn to knit. i am just not good at it, but then again i am 'self taught' and so i am just sucky at it.
    have a good sunday!

    1. I've just noticed the dirt under my nail. Ah well, grot and all. You have a good Sunday too Ms Beets+Birch.

    2. dirt under nails... just made it all the more authentic! love it!