WELL, so much for maintaining the slow and easy pace of last month. Back to work and back to one million and one things to do. All good, ...

WELL, so much for maintaining the slow and easy pace of last month. Back to work and back to one million and one things to do. All good, mind you, but work projects are creeping into my night-time imaginings and this past week I've had several bouts of insomnia pondering the how-tos and what-fors. Gah!

I READ... Naomi Wood's Mrs Hemingway. I lean toward fictionalised accounts of historical identities and this one was a book I found myself coming back to with ease. I read most nights before lights out and I'd be reading this one well past the chapter or two I usually allow myself. 

I also read The Walking Book Club's June read, The Land of Decoration, by Grace McCleen.

I WENT TO... The Etsy Craft Party at Workshop in Sydney, hosted by Blog Society, Heart You Forever And A Day and Happy Families Design. It was a bit of fun and a chance to catch up with a girlfriend and former colleague.
The Etsy Craft Party was the same evening as the opening night of Sydney's winter Finders Keepers market where my work colleague and all-round crafting wonder Mia Cox had her very first Finders Keepers stall.
My partner and I also packed up our winter woollies and took a weekend trip to the Southern Highlands. My folks are at Bundanoon and we revelled in my mum's home made soups, cakes and biscuits and my dad's hot breakfasts.

I LISTENED TO... My panel colleagues discuss technology versus mankind for a 2SER community radio broadcast. If you want to hear my thoughts on the subject, and indeed what I sound like, the podcast is here.

I ATE... My office farewelled a team member for the period of her maternity leave. We booked Chinta Ria, at Darling Harbour in Sydney for a work lunch and we shared plates of tasty Malaysian treats. The gado gado was good.

Speaking of Malaysian treats, Alice's Makan, in the food court on the corner of George and Bathurst Streets, in Sydney, is a lunch go-to. The chicken curry with roti is a standout if you're looking for serious comfort food.

I SAW... Honestly, I don't know why I keep this subhead here. There's no time for new movies and I don't really keep up with what's on the box.

I MADE... I am so close to casting off on my first ever pair of knitted socks. They're only about two months too late for my Dad's birthday but I shared one of them with him when we visited this month and he's pretty sure he can *coughcough* find a use for them - a use that may have nothing to do with keeping his toes warm. Oh well. I'll soon start on knitted gloves for my Mum. She gave me some wool. What's a girl to do.

Have a wonderful July. The winter solstice has been and gone and we're turning back towards the sun. Thank goodness.

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