PIN MY WAY || VINTAGE PILLOW SLIPS I HAVE been scouring the op shops for a vintage single bed cover that's 'just so&... | Foxs Lane vintage pillow slips | #pinmway vintage pillow slips HAVE been scouring the op shops for a vintage single bed cover that's 'just so'. I have a vision and nothing will sway me from it. It's for a room filling up with sugar and spice and all things nice for the little visitors to our house. I haven't found the cover just yet, or the other linens of my imagining, but I know they're out there. In the meantime, I am collecting a rather lovely stash of vintage pillow slips. | vintage pillow slips
An eagle eye
An op shop, or a few
A fist full of coin
Make some time to scour your local op shops. You might want to take an op shopping buddy and make a morning of it. Head to the linens section and rummage.
You'll often find single pillow slips so decide whether you're fussy about not having a matching pair.
Pop your finds into your basket and head to the counter knowing you've got a lovely new pillow slip and you're helping a worthy cause (most op shops fund social services).
Take your slips or linen home, fill a bucket with warm water, add a lid of Napisan and a splash of household bleach and leave to soak overnight.
Rinse and wash on a normal cycle.
Hang to dry, admire on the line, bring in and pull onto your pillow ready for a pretty night's sleep.
#pinmyway image source // Foxs Lane
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