I READ: Another David Sedaris title, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk . There was also the spring edition of Fete magazine and the newly launche...

I READ: Another David Sedaris title, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. There was also the spring edition of Fete magazine and the newly launched Elle magazine. Fete’s a real treat – not a great deal to read but there’s page after page of eye candy. Elle, hmmm, I think I’m outside the demographic. I was hoping I’d be in it, but you know, I am in the death throes of 39. Yup. Outside the demographic.

I WENT TO: Melbourne for work, yet another Girl Guide camp and Mudgee for a weekend of R&R. I know, enough with the Girl Guide camps. Indulge me. It’s the season. We Guide volunteers get a workout in spring.

I did take a moment to spoil myself after braving the terrifying combination of teenage girls AND the great outdoors and instead braved a Dinosaur Designs sale. I also dropped a little dough at Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery shop. Shiny pretty new things are so much nicer than smelly dirty camp things.

I LISTENED TO: Nothing new. Suggestions welcome. Music please.

I ATE: Beautiful dishes at Almond Bar, in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

I SAW: A flick at the Sydney Latin Film Festival. I’m a sucker for foreign films. I always, always find them so more richly expressed than anything I see out of western filmmakers.

I  MADE: A hiker’s vest. I found wool at the op shop and wanted a close-fitting vest to wear, well, hiking, and this fit the bill. Mind you, I had to modify the pattern quite a bit and feel I’ve unravelled and remade the vest so many times I’ve knitted enough for two vests.

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  1. I want to see the vest!
    I can't seem to find any magazines I want to read right now, they're all just a bit too much or a bit not enough. Not stimulating enough, not enough words, too many words, not enough thinking, too much thinking, just... not quite right. Maybe that's the fault of a flighty, over-full brain rather than the magazines though!

    1. Jen, I always chastise myself for spending so much on magazines when I could be spending on literature but it's the quick, dip in that I want, not the full commitment of a novel.

  2. I can't quite believe it's already October. Your September certainly sounds busy ... and you've reminded me that I really need to read some David Sedaris.