I MISSED the September and October ' I've Done It ' posts. Lame but I have excuses. There was the new baby , the  new job   an...

I MISSED the September and October 'I've Done It' posts. Lame but I have excuses. There was the new baby, the new job and a little regrouping to get my head around. Now it's December and while it's lovely to take a quick look over November I'm madly trying to make sure this month is under control and everything's ready for Christmas.

I READ: I started reading Nikki Gemmell's Honestly: Notes On Life. Beaut. Not exactly beautiful, unless you're prepared to read beautiful as full of 'beaut'. More head-nodding, 'what-she-said', beaut. Read it. You'll see what I mean.
I WENT TO: The Olive Tree Market in Newcastle. What made it even better was the natting over market stalls with a friend I haven't spent time with for yonks.  
I LISTENED TO: Beth Orton's new album Sugaring Season.
I ATE: Chicken and mushroom pie at Cha Chaz, The Junction, Newcastle, and a delicious lemon meringue tart at Petite Belle. Cha Chaz was a recommendation of my Olive Tree Market buddy, and Petite Belle was a chance discovery we made after already filling our bellies at the first stop.
I SAW: A super early preview screening of The Impossible. Gee sus. I can't think about it without tearing up. Out in cinemas January 24 but UNICEF's Global Parents will be invited to a preview in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on Thursday, January 17. If you're signed up, keep an eye on your inbox.

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  1. oh lordy, i just watched the trailer for that movie, thanks for making me cry into my instant coffee! i've had a recurring nightmare about a tsunami since we moved to the beach (it used to be bushfires) so i'd be super scared, but i really think i'd like to see it. have a great day! :)sarah

    1. You have to see it. Extremely full-on and I am unsure I could sit through it again (I fainted, true). I've had a recurring tsunami dream too. Weird. Must swap stories soon.

  2. Thank you for my morning movie trailer cry. I had not heard about this movie. I cannot wait to see it. Following you now on Instagram. Love your photos!

    1. Jenny, Thanks for the Instagram follow. Eep! Feel I need to step up the photo taking. I can be a little lazy remembering to pick up the camera and capture the moment.