ALRIGHT, alright. In the spirit of anonymous confessional sharing , here’s something you might be shocked by – I’m a tight arse. No, real...

ALRIGHT, alright. In the spirit of anonymous confessional sharing, here’s something you might be shocked by – I’m a tight arse. No, really, I am. Are you shocked?

I’m so much of a tight arse I taught myself needle felting to “fix” an op-shopped woollen jumper that, once washed, was pocked with holes. Sadly, the needle felting kit and jumper combined cost me more than if I'd bought one off the rack.

Gawd, getting that off my chest feels a damn sight better. *wink*

Here are a few other cheapskate posts:

Recycled Fashion: Also problems with jumpers and holes. Wish I'd seen the needle felted heart before I went all out with furry growths.
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  1. I'm so glad you got that off your chest!! I'm just hoping that there were no holes on the chest, it would make for an interesting "look" !!!! Looking forward to your next "confessional, tell-all" post!!! S:)

  2. Ha ha, I've been a total tight-arse these school hols, pretending my two younger boys are twins under 4 to get them into the zoo free and using my entertainment book vouchers everywhere we go!

  3. I like the furry growths! The thrift stores provide much of my wardrobe (and I always get the most compliments on stuff that I got there!) I like to shop there because I can wear something cute but not worry if I get paint or glue on it!

  4. The furry growths are THE COOLEST. How did you do that? I want to get a jumper with holes in just to do that. ;)

    But yeah, I'm an "urgh no I can't spend money" person too. Mostly, I suspect, because I don't have any. ;) But it's really good not to waste things, anyway.

  5. Hahahaha this is brilliant! I've started patching up old and really tattered clothes in the hope of saving more money. Just starting with the op shop challenge has turned me into an absolute cheapskate :D Rhi :)

  6. Gosh ... that's a revelation and a half. I bet you feel better now! ;)

    You are too funny ... thanks for the giggle.