THERE are so many causes you could lend your support to, aren't there? So, so many. All of them are worthy. All of them and I do feel ...

THERE are so many causes you could lend your support to, aren't there? So, so many. All of them are worthy. All of them and I do feel guilty when I pass the Salvation Army officer whistling with his cash box at my train station every Thursday morning. I feel bad if I don't buy the current edition of The Big Issue from my local vendor. I feel bad when charity bucket brigades come by and I don't upend my wallet into their collection.

I always have to remind myself I am doing my bit.

This year Girl Guides worldwide celebrate the organisation's centenary. That's 100 years of positive change for girls and young women. While the girls in my unit won't ever, I hope, face the kind of poverty this Girl Effect campaign highlights they will be the movers and shakers in years to come making sure 12-year-olds across the world can afford the opportunities they have enjoyed. For me, it does take just one 12-year-old - and at the current moment I have 18 girls between the age of 10 and 14 learning about just the kinds of things they can do to make their world a better place.

Below are six of eight global actions Girl Guides have signed on to do as our organisation's commitment to delivering the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. 

Girls worldwide say together we can end extreme poverty and hunger.
Girls worldwide say education opens doors for all girls and boys.
Girls worldwide say empowering girls will change our world.
Girls worlwide say together we can save children's lives.
Girls worldwide say every mother's life is precious.
Girls worldwide say we can stop the spread of AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

I am very proud to be a Girl Guide leader. It's an extremely worthy cause.

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  1. What a powerful clip, and the girl guides have come a long way, I hated going when my parents sent me to make new friends, but maybe I need to take another look. I just really really hate camping...

  2. I watched that ad and it knocked me for six. Then I went and checked out that link and was blown away. What I have now is an overwhelming sense that it actually is possible to change the world. I made a donation and a small drop fell in the ocean and I am thrilled that I was the one to put it there.

    A high bloody five to the ad agency responsible. They got it so, so right.

  3. Do you think the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts should merge into a unisex organisation?

  4. Amazing video!

    I was a Brownie and a Guide - I (mostly) loved it and am very glad it's still going strong.

  5. This video has resonance with me Katie because my mother-in-law was married off to her first husband at the age of twelve or thirteen.

    He was much older than her and she was very scared and ran away. It affected her whole life. Her mother thought that she was securing her daughter's future by doing so. She had four children with him and they remember her as being absent a lot of the time.

    Thankfully she later met my husbands father an amazing man and went on to teach children and had three more children of her own. She learned to be an amazing mother and was a warm and loving woman.
    This film really touched me.