JEN, of Through Lemongrass Eyes , commented on my last post and suggested I should write a little "how-to" on fitting in voluntar...

JEN, of Through Lemongrass Eyes, commented on my last post and suggested I should write a little "how-to" on fitting in voluntary work with fulltime work, a family, a partner who studies and the running of a house. What she doesn't see is the missed deadlines, the garden beds that need weeding and the long wish list of things I'd like to get to.

The last deadline I missed was on Friday and for Joanna's Penny Black Project. I plan to catch up this week, honest Joanna, I do.

The project brief was to create stamp-size works of art, one piece every six weeks with six works in total. The project is coming to its end and my addition this weekend will be my last piece. I wanted to create a series of works that could be viewed as individual stamps but also came together to be viewed as one artwork. I wanted them to be graphic but to use a simple medium - in this case coloured pencils. I like the texture of coloured pencils and that everyone has them in their house ...

'Spose that comes full circle to Jen's comment. I do a lot, but none of it's that hard. It's coloured pencils, ya know what I mean?

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  1. Great post - I am obsessed with honesty at the moment - the accidental illusion that the person on the other side of the screeen is permanently fabulous! Not that you aren't fab of course but I suspect that just like the rest of us, just occasionally, you aren't!

  2. deadlines are meant to be broken :) i think your stamps are awesome, i am looking forward to the last one - orange is my favourite colour don't you know... (aka joanna)

  3. The bigger your to-do list just means you are a creative woman with lots of ideas and goals! I think. ja!

  4. thank god for honest lives, or we'd all be so alone.