Listening to the new Cloud Control album. Watching the new Doctor Who . Borrowing An Education . Reading Sunday’s Kitchen . Cooking gla...

  • Listening to the new Cloud Control album.
  • Watching the new Doctor Who.
  • Borrowing An Education.
  • Reading Sunday’s Kitchen.
  • Cooking glazed pears from Donna Hay’s Seasons and serving them with ice cream and homemade ginger biscuits. (Try it, so good).
  • Lunching on homemade roasted tomato, cumin and lentil soup and Donna Hay’s french onion soup.
  • Brushing cabbage moth lava from the broccoli leaves.
  • Wishing I’d bought the tuberoses from Saturday’s car boot sale.
  • Drinking tea from my new-to-me $1 op-shop mug.
  • Writing lists.

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  1. love a list. love making more than doing.

    love yours - lists highlight what's important.

  2. Ha! I've been brushing cabbage moth squigglies off our broccoli plants for weeks and have finally given up. They've won! Homemade garlic spray didn't work and nor did egg shells around the base like everyone says :(

  3. Sounds like some great autumn recipes are being served up at your place. And wow, aren't caterpillars a drag? Trying a new tip that i read somewhere - place empty half eggshells around the plants. The butterflies think it's another butterfly that got there first, so they don't bother laying their eggs. I'm skeptical that it'll work, but anything's worth a shot in this war! Will let you know if it's any good.

  4. Lady, you do excellent list. I have much to learn.

  5. nothing better than a good list :)

  6. Love your mug, love a good list but cannot share your love of Dr Who...


  7. Nice listage.

    Glazed pears sound goooood!

  8. Eye spy a made in japan mug. Mmm french onion soup. I am looking forward to watching an education :)

  9. Lists are like poems in disguise. Sounds like the perfect Sunday :).

  10. Katie,

    hi! feel free to re-post the 'Fred Astaire dance school' illustration, just as long as you link back to my blog.


    x caitlin

  11. loving your list, especially the tea drinking, soup eating & glazed pear making..mmm
    hope you are having a good day

  12. i love writing lists but never tick off sigh...the french onion soup is great! I added so much cheese in mine...yum yum
    what did you think of 'An Education'? love that film!

  13. Ah I love An Education! Did you enjoy it? I wouldn't want to give it back!

  14. I love a list (or five).

    I write them in texta and make them all colourful and pretty.

    Pears this time of year are so good. Am going to try your combo! x

    PS. I caved and got thoes PJ pillowcase pants. When I get a machine I'll make some. Promise.

  15. thanks for the Sunbeams!
    i'll definitely need my conversions for that.
    hope you've had a happy day Ms K

  16. i'm a big time list lady too

  17. I looove Dr. Who - it's a bit embarrassing how much! It's my go-to while sewing.

  18. please please please tell me where you bought the cloud control album in NSW????? Thanks!