ON A wee bit of a blogging break. Going to bed early, sleeping late. All good. Booked tickets to Samoa yesterday. Will be there for 10 days ...

ON A wee bit of a blogging break. Going to bed early, sleeping late. All good. Booked tickets to Samoa yesterday. Will be there for 10 days in October. Eeeeeek. Have you been? What should I see? Hmmm, what else? In Brisbane later this month for a week. Suggestions?

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  1. oh, how exciting! never been--can't wait to live vicariously!

  2. Oh me too! Vicarious life is looming for me!

  3. wow! Never been to Samoa but when you're in Brissie, would love to catch up. Also if you're in for a bit of craziness, I suggest you visit Cloudland for some dinner or a drink... Simply to stare at how many different finishes and materials someone can possibly fit into one club!

  4. enjoy your resting. just gave you an award, pass it on, if you like.

  5. Samoa sounds very tres glamourous. I have right now and officially declared myself OVER winter.

  6. Samoa sounds great. It's somewhere I thought I'd like to go.
    While in Brisbane, a suggestion visit a retailer I found on line Biome and plan to see next time I am in Brisbane. There are two stores, one in the city and one in Paddington.
    Paddington could be the more interesting option. The Paddington strip is loaded with oodles of character, cafes and eclectic boutique stores (jewellery, fashion & home furnishings). Store is at 2 Latrobe Tce. Biome suggests for dining to checkout the peaceful courtyard at Lure on Latrobe cafe and Sol Organic Breads ( Don't miss stores like Bliss Ecowear for sustainable and organic clothing.
    The city store is at 215 Adelaide St near Post Office Square.

  7. Ooooh, Samoa! Wow! I've never been but it's on the list. Can't wait to see your travel pics!

    Brisbane, I've been, but can only offer you eating tips. Haha.
    1. Joycelyn's - for really good baked goods (

    2. The Depot - for tasty "trendy" tapas (

    Op-shopping - found only one St. Vinnie's along Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley...regular shopping - similar to what we get in Sydney...the quaint Latrobe Terrace is great to have a nosey-around but the stuff in the secondhand shops are overpriced...the Gallery of Modern Art is definitely worth a visit!

    Have fun! And hope you'll be getting a well-deserved rest! x

  8. Looking forward to meeting up! What day shall we meet for our lamb wrap in the park? My suggestions: Paddington Antique Barn and a visit to the cutest little street in Wooloongabba that has the most awesome cafe, best gift store, antique shops, art gallery and danish furniture nearby:) Around 28 Logan Road (near the bus station).

    Enjoy your week!

  9. Hi Kate - Can't wait for our date:) I'll see who else is interested. Will email you later in the week. The 4th sounds perfect!

  10. heading north sounds just wot the doc ordered. hope u enjoy brissy - hear great things about it. take lots of pics and so exciting bout your big adventure on the horizon u sooo deserve some time out from your crazy busy busy life x