THE hints were in my inbox. Every time an Oztix or Moshtix email came through, I gave it a cursory glance and deleted it. Who were these ... || Splendour in the Grass craft tent

THE hints were in my inbox. Every time an Oztix or Moshtix email came through, I gave it a cursory glance and deleted it. Who were these nobodies trying to get me to buy tickets to their shows? Turns out they are somebodies and I’ve just reached that *er, hmm* magical age where the men and women gracing cool and hip (and let’s face it, not so cool, nor hip) street mags are completely unknown to me, as are the line-ups of pretty much every major music festival.

So, imagine how completely out of her depth this 40-year-old nana was lurking back stage – and at times, right in front of the stage – at Splendour in the Grass this month. Out of my freakin’ mosh-pit depth.

But the artists I interviewed with the help of my cool and hip young colleagues didn’t seem to mind, and if you want to know what The 1975, or Sky Ferreria, or 360, or The Jezabels, or Art vs Science or loads of other hip young things have to say about their childhoods and child rights, you can check out the UNICEF Australia playlist right here.

Other than needing a rather significant nana nap after all that doof, doof, doof, here’s what else was note-worthy in July.

I READ... I love a book club for introducing me to books I would never otherwise pluck from the bookstore shelf. Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, had me hooked. Spoiler alert – I guessed it was a set up early on but, oh, how very evil and very disturbing are the characters. Have you read it? Are you busting for the movie?

I have bailed on this month’s The Walking Book Club's selection, On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. Maybe I need to give it more airtime, it's a bit too "blah, blah, blah-de-blah" talk, talk, talk for me.

I WENT TO... Well, Splendour in The Grass, obviously. I took one photo for myself the whole four days I was up north (see said photo above) – and it was, appropriately for me, the craft tent. Sadly, I didn’t even get a look in there.

I LISTENED TO... and even pulled my dancing mojo from somewhere for Splendour teaser KOOII. Hit me with your favourite new music. Splendour was a good reminder that I need to diversify the iTunes library. It’s all a bit same same, so, come on, gimme. Go. Now. What should I be listening to?

I ATE... Byron Bay has some seriously top notch eating digs for a coastal town well away from the big smoke. The coffee was good, I had a tasty tapas lunch at The Balcony Bar and scoffed a seriously large slab of banana bread with pecan butter from one of the many local cafes, but the standout was my travelling companion’s choice of the newly opened Italian restaurant, Cicchetti. Seriously good, honest, simple, flavoursome Italian. This ain't no pizza joint.

I SAW... Who am I kidding? I can’t even keep up with free-to-air television. Who’s this fella Nina’s seeing? What’s happening on The Time of Our Lives? Who won MasterChef and The Voice? I know. Sad, right?

I MADE... A macrame hanger for a glass jar candle-holder. Bring on summer, I say. These pretties will light up our outdoor dining space.

Have a wonderful August. I can feel spring. It's around the corner.

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  1. i'm loving your blog, very enjoyable! you are in my reader!

    i haven't ready 'gone girl' it keeps coming up in my suggestions for that to read next. i haven't read all summer (here) and will resume the novels again soon. now i'm pushed a bit more to read it now.

    i love music it's a constant in my house. spotify playlists going all of 12+ hrs a day. lately i have pulled out some old music. alanis morissette (acoustic jagged little pill) album. counting crows. jackson browne (late for the sky) album. annie lennox.
    it's just been the mood i've been in.

    free tv. blah. i'm totally out of loop. never turn it on.

    your macrame hangers are lovely. back in the day i loved whipping up jute masterpieces. it's so satisfying what some knots in string can create. very satisfying project.

    glad i found your space!

    1. Hey there you. I am thrilled you've found me too… Alanis is a a favourite here. My stepdaughter, 23, is probably unaware of Alanis and I think I'll introduce her. She's got stuff going down and Alanis is good for that kind of stuff. Annie Lennox? Did I read she had an album coming out?
      Back in the day. Bah! What are you? 48? (Oh, you are … awkies) ;)