NORTH Parramatta Salvos. It's da bomb. It can even survive a fire , twice , and trade on. A couple of girls from work and I go there...

NORTH Parramatta Salvos. It's da bomb. It can even survive a fire, twice, and trade on.

A couple of girls from work and I go there every few weeks to rummage through the racks. Mostly I shake the beads down and rat through trays of earrings for my goodies. This spiky number was frowned upon by my op-hopping buddies but they indulged me with "it's very you". I hear that a lot. 'Twas $2.

As for the photos, I did have a bit of a giggle to myself while sitting on the the lid of the loo and photographing my boobs - at least that's what it felt like. We bloggers do ridiculous things sometimes, don't we? The dependents raise an eyebrow when I shoo them away from the evening's dinner so I can snap a few quick pictures, or when I doll up in some newly op-shopped confection during the day - or in the wrong season - so I can blog about it. Go on, it's nutty, right? Good nutty though, don't get me wrong.
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  1. Nice rack! The beads, I mean... they are certainly unique and colourful.

    I'm not a 'day to day' blogger so I can't say I've ever shooed the kids away from their dinner, but I did find myself pegging stuff up on the washing line to photograph a while back, so I get it!! x

  2. Utterly nutty. You weirdo.

    OK, I do it too. I only wish I had the chutzpah to convincingly wear your latest find. You go, girl.

  3. As someone who just took pictures of a puke bag surrounded by a sparkly pink feather boa for today's post, I think you are completely normal :P

  4. Totally nutty but what is a blog without pictures. Cherrie

  5. Photo shoots for the blog are the funniest!
    I get dressed and open the blinds up fully in the spare room to get enough light. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm crackers.
    I even bought a little rolly table from the oppy today specifically to wheel around the house to catch the most light for photo taking.

  6. This is totally normal behaviour - everyone else is weird ... right? :-)

  7. Your kids and mine could compare notes about being denied access to food until it's been photographed!

    (I used to have a necklace just like that but it was made of coloured shells - lovely)

  8. oooh im excited Nth Parramatta is practically in my 'hood.
    I wouldnt have thought to check the Salvos there but will make it a must see when we're next up near that Bunnings ;)

  9. so your the one stealing all the good stuff at my near local, i often get a chance to nick off their on my lunch breaks when working but more time is needed to sort thru the racks. must admit i haven't check out the new site since they lost the other in the fire, but you are making me edgy.